Chic Sparrow Pemberley A6 Aubergine

Finally, I was able to snag one of the extremely sought after Pemberleys from Chic Sparrow. Although they aren't the easiest to come by, there have been quite a bit of pre-releases that have been announced to make sure everyone has a chance to get one. If you've been missing out on them lately, be sure to add the facebook group for any future releases.

I don't know the specifics, but the Pemberley leather is said to be derived from the Mr. Darcy leather and then treated with a few additional treatments. This gives the beautiful texture you see in the photos. The pebbling of the leather really does a great job at hiding any minor imperfections that happen from frequent use and rubs away quite easily if the scratch isn't too large (yay!) The treatments leave the leather feeling very soft, much like the feeling of felt cotton paper, but hints at acquiring a shiny patina throughout time.

The color is absolutely stunning. The photos show an accurate representation of the color my Pemberley arrived to me. It is quite purple/plum with slight variations through out. Since all Pemberleys thus far have been released as deluxes (with pockets), the pockets will also come dyed with the same purple. The inner lining of the pockets will remain undyed.

One minor "con" the Pemberley leather has is how absorbent the leather is. I have noticed that it takes to any moisture quite obviously, leaving the leather with dark spots if you accidentally drip anything on to it. That being said, it dries extremely quickly. I suggest leaving this notebook a distance away from any creams or saturated drinks as that may stain.

Now... lets talk about the flexibility! This bad boy is floppy. I own the Creme from Chic Sparrow and this Pemberley is far more flexible that that. Because of this, I wouldn't recommend stuffing this as it may pull the spine, but regardless it still holds up lovely! I currently have 6 notebooks in my A6 and there is only minimal tugging, which I have included photos of below. The inner pockets come with the Pemberley which really give it that reinforcement it needs and gives the cover a bit of structure.

Overall, this leather cover is amazing. I have made a swift conversion over to my Pemberley and don't see myself changing out anytime soon! Chic Sparrow has never let me down with their amazing customer service and superb quality in their products.

For an unboxing, feel free to check out my video below.

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