I've always been one to struggle with school. In fact, I was actually terrible at school. In high school, we were given planners to help aid our studies and at that moment, everything changed. I was able to plan out my entire life which allowed me to know when everything was (and when the latest I could procrastinate on a project was, :P) One thing that was lacking for me with these planners given to us in high school, was the customization and the space needed to write everything down. Most planner gals generally just write down a few words and that's about it, but for me, I need to write down everything in detail. This is what drove me to make these inserts for college.

I had taken quite a few years off after high school which really affected me in terms of prioritization. I needed something for ME, and the way I think. I also needed something as detailed as possible. That is when I created these school inserts. I needed a monthly calendar strictly for school, on one page and free of clutter. Having anything bigger would be unnecessary for me and I really wanted something I could glance at and be aware of all my events.

I also needed a place to track each of my assignments handed out by my teachers, with additional space for any and all details I may need to know. I created my inserts this way so that if you ever come across extra time on campus, all you need are these inserts.

I also included a test prep insert in case you wanted to briefly review any and all material on a test that may be coming up soon. I know test taking isn't an easy task, and I wanted to make review all that much portable and simple.

I hope you guys enjoy these inserts! Let me know if you have any questions, or more importantly, if these helped you!

To download, click the link below!

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