Spiral Bound Happy Planner Under 20$

The Happy Planner by Me And My Big Ideas (MAMBI) has quickly been taking the planning community by storm with its affordable but highly customizable planner options. In fact, I actually swept one up a few months back and put it into my spiral bound, but I ended up falling out of love with my a5 binder soon after and sold the Happy Planner inserts along with it. When the release of the new Happy Planners arrived, I decided to give it a go... but with a twist. I used a 50% off coupon at my Michaels and bought a Happy Planner for only 15$, which is AMAZING, considering an Erin Condren can go for 50$!
I knew I didn't want to my Happy Planner up and put it in an a5 binder again... but I did want to use another system of binding. I know quite a few people love the disc bound system the planner originally comes with, but it would not work for me and how I handle my planner. I needed something that will keep my planner intact when I take it to school or travel, without the fear of my pages coming undone on the way. That is when I started to do some research on getting my Happy Planner bound in a shop. I gave my local Fedex a call and they told me they were able to bind it for me for under 5$! Can you believe that? That would make a spiral bound Happy Planner only 20$! Needless to say, I took my planner into my Fedex and it was ready within a few hours and couldn't be happier.
Coil Binding on the Cover, Divider and Month preview sections
The only thing I would change, would probably be the color of the coil, which I am not particularly fond of. With a can of spray paint, I could easily change the color of the coil to virtually anything I wanted, and I love that!

In the picture shown above, I have 3 different views of how the original holes look with the spiral coil. It is hardly noticeable and does not interfere at all with the planner itself. That means that the weekly boxes and monthly days are completely untouched! Yay!

 The imagine above is to get an even better idea of how the weekly spread looks with the spiral bound. I am madly in love and cannot wait to start using my Happy Planner!

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So you uncoiled your planner? : REGRETS

 Like many people who buy a spiral bound planner, the idea of uncoiling it and putting into a binder crossed my mind pretty frequently.  For me, it was the primary reason I even bought my Erin Condren planner. Initially, I was not impressed with the spiral bound system of the planner. It didn't allow for customization and I needed the added protection of the binder for whenever I travel.

When I actually received my planner in the mail, my initial thoughts were thrown out the window. I loved being able to completely flip the binder back to write on and I loved how slim it looked. Regardless of my sudden change of feelings, I decided to uncoil the first few months of the planner and try it out in my Kikki-K agenda. I immediately regretted it. I didn't mind the slight overlap, but having such large pages made my standard a5 pages stand out like a sore thumb. Writing on my Erin Condren pages proved difficult with my a5 pages still in the binder because the size difference between the pages gave an uncomfortable lump to write on. This would not be an issue if the only pages inside the binder were an Erin Condren, but this binder had everything in it, including my finances and shop information. I had to find a way to put these pages back into my Erin Condren.

After doing some research, I found that the Erin Condren site actually sold planner clips (or snap-ins) which can attach to pieces of paper. This allows you to be able to snap the sheet of paper into the coiled planner wherever it suits you. This sounded like the perfect solution.... except the snap ins on the website are much too small and come 7$ for a pack of 6. This would mean that I would need about 1.5 clips for every page and I had around 12 pages to put back in (depending if I want to include the month previous). So, basically I could only do 4 pages per set, and 3 sets total. That is around 31$ including shipping... for a planner I already put way too much money into. No thanks.

That is how I came across BellaRosePlanners on Etsy. She makes clips at a much better value. Each clip comes with an additional inch added to its length, adding more support to the page when it is  being turned. The great thing about that, is that I don't have to cut anything! The particular set I purchased is her Version 2 with Larger Openings in White and was $14 for a pack of 10. This version wasn't entirely clear but since I was going to cover the page with stickers I created for my shop, I didn't mind too much.


The shipping was super fast and I fell in love with the planner all over again after installing all my pages back. Since the purchase of my original set, Christine at BellaRosePlanners released another material for her snap in clips which was made of a more flexible and clear plastic. I definitely suggest the clear over the white original if you're planning on using this for your planner because the clear material is so much easier to see through, making your planner much more functional!

When you receive your clips they will come like the image shown above (Clear material). A non stick piece of paper will be covering the adhesive so that the the clips will remain sticky until you want to use them. I suggest if you want the straightest possible pages in your spiral bound, to attach the clips in first before attaching the page. This makes it so that you can line the holes in the correct place on the page and your paper won't lie too high or low on the planner. I made this mistake the first time and now one of my sheets is about 1/4 of an inch higher than the rest. Learn from my mistake!

The great thing about these clips as well is that if you have left overs, you can easily cut them and use them for journaling cards or to do lists! Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase and I hope this helps you in case you went through the same thing as me!

As always, thank you so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

Dalisse at The Tiny Canary

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