Plan With Me: Week of Feb 15

Not too long ago, I've acquired an Erin Condren planner in the mail and was eager to embark on the oh-so-popular journey of vertical planning. Erin Condren planners come in 3 different layouts: Horizontal, Vertical and Hourly, so there is a style of planning for everyone. 

Those of you in the planning community are either really excited about what I am about show you, or are sick and tired of it all. I for one, am very excited. I have always been a horizontal lover and user but the logic behind vertical planning made sense. I was apprehensive about the space inside every box, because with horizontal planning, there is a relatively large space for writing. Needless to say, after testing this style of planning for a few weeks, space was not an issue. I write minimal tasks in the boxes but if there is anything I need more details for, I just plug in a sticky note.

There are three separate boxes under every day that allow you to categorize your tasks however you like, which is amazing! With this method, I am able to separate my school life from the rest of my life and keeps me focused exclusively on these individual tasks. I can see this working exceptionally well for those of you readers with families to take care of!

Another great thing about Erin Condren planners is that there is a large community of content creators for all layouts of the planner. Etsy has a great community of these creators who provide amazing stickers and other fun ways to decorate and help keep your life organized.

For the week of February 15th, I went all out decorating (at least "all out" for me). On this weeks spread, I am featuring the lovely StickerGuru on Etsy (@stickerguru on Instagram). This shop is actually my first purchase on the Erin Condren vertical planning "weekly kits." These vertical weekly kits come with everything you will need (or want!) to decorate your kit on a weekly basis. Decorating isn't essential to planning, but it sure is fun.

StickerGuru is an amazing Etsy shop with a bunch of fun stickers at great value. I'm serious, this kit came with so many goodies and was only $6USD on sale! (Be sure to follow StickerGuru on instagram so you don't miss any deals.) I ended up with so many left over stickers that I was able to use quite a bit of them on my personal on-the-go planner. The quality of the stickers are fantastic as well. The patterns are very crisp and bright and are guaranteed to brighten up your week.

StickerGuru Kits in "Rose Gold" and "Pink Floral"

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