2017 At A Glance Calander A5: FREE PRINTABLE

If you're like me, you like to plan. You like to know ahead of time, and that is why I made this Sunday-Monday 2017 at a glance calendar. This provides convenience for me, whenever I need to plan my cabin trips a year in advance, or whenever I need to know what day my birthday falls so that I can prepare myself at work. All of those things is what this calendar is for. 

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New Nintendo 3ds XL/ LL Pearl White (US) Unboxing and System Transfer

Big news came out for Nintendo 3DS fans when several gaming blogs announced the release of the New Nintendo 3DS XL in Pearl White for the US in December 2015. Preorders began exclusively on Play-Asia and now retails for a whopping $239.99 USD excluding any shipping costs. Aside from the price being extremely high for the standard New 3DS XL, this white 3DS is definitely a collectors piece. Since the white color never officially released in the US due to lack of sales on previous consoles of the color, hearing the late release is sure to both excite and annoy some people.

Some people may ask why they released the color so late, since most people have already invested in their own console months back and will most likely refrain from purchasing this due to its steep price. For those people I say, it is not worth it if you already own your own XL 3DS. I did not own an XL, so for me it was definitely worth it! The sleek minimal feel of the iridescent white is just stunning and as cheesy as it sounds, it fits my aesthetic way more (I can't believe I said that!).

Now for the console itself, it features the same glossy finish as the other black and red consoles with a carbon fiber/canvas detailing, if you look closely enough. In certain lighting, the iridescence of the white can appear slightly pinkish (very slightly!), but it adds that extra dimension to the console that the red and black do not have. My console came to me with a very sturdy hinge so I was pleasantly surprised by that!

The next test was to see if this new 3DS would be able to successfully do a system transfer. Since I had already done one a few days prior, I had to wait (very annoyingly) to do this, which in turn resulted in a second video, sorry! Needless to say, the transfer went smoothly and I was able to transfer my microsd card just as easily. Gameplay on all US games also worked perfectly and were able to save as per usual.

Feel free to check out my videos below for a bit more on this New 3DS XL in Pearl White!

To purchase this 3DS XL: Play-Asia

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