Chic Sparrow Pemberley A6 Aubergine

Finally, I was able to snag one of the extremely sought after Pemberleys from Chic Sparrow. Although they aren't the easiest to come by, there have been quite a bit of pre-releases that have been announced to make sure everyone has a chance to get one. If you've been missing out on them lately, be sure to add the facebook group for any future releases.

I don't know the specifics, but the Pemberley leather is said to be derived from the Mr. Darcy leather and then treated with a few additional treatments. This gives the beautiful texture you see in the photos. The pebbling of the leather really does a great job at hiding any minor imperfections that happen from frequent use and rubs away quite easily if the scratch isn't too large (yay!) The treatments leave the leather feeling very soft, much like the feeling of felt cotton paper, but hints at acquiring a shiny patina throughout time.

The color is absolutely stunning. The photos show an accurate representation of the color my Pemberley arrived to me. It is quite purple/plum with slight variations through out. Since all Pemberleys thus far have been released as deluxes (with pockets), the pockets will also come dyed with the same purple. The inner lining of the pockets will remain undyed.

One minor "con" the Pemberley leather has is how absorbent the leather is. I have noticed that it takes to any moisture quite obviously, leaving the leather with dark spots if you accidentally drip anything on to it. That being said, it dries extremely quickly. I suggest leaving this notebook a distance away from any creams or saturated drinks as that may stain.

Now... lets talk about the flexibility! This bad boy is floppy. I own the Creme from Chic Sparrow and this Pemberley is far more flexible that that. Because of this, I wouldn't recommend stuffing this as it may pull the spine, but regardless it still holds up lovely! I currently have 6 notebooks in my A6 and there is only minimal tugging, which I have included photos of below. The inner pockets come with the Pemberley which really give it that reinforcement it needs and gives the cover a bit of structure.

Overall, this leather cover is amazing. I have made a swift conversion over to my Pemberley and don't see myself changing out anytime soon! Chic Sparrow has never let me down with their amazing customer service and superb quality in their products.

For an unboxing, feel free to check out my video below.

Chic Sparrow//

Spiral Bound Happy Planner Under 20$

The Happy Planner by Me And My Big Ideas (MAMBI) has quickly been taking the planning community by storm with its affordable but highly customizable planner options. In fact, I actually swept one up a few months back and put it into my spiral bound, but I ended up falling out of love with my a5 binder soon after and sold the Happy Planner inserts along with it. When the release of the new Happy Planners arrived, I decided to give it a go... but with a twist. I used a 50% off coupon at my Michaels and bought a Happy Planner for only 15$, which is AMAZING, considering an Erin Condren can go for 50$!
I knew I didn't want to my Happy Planner up and put it in an a5 binder again... but I did want to use another system of binding. I know quite a few people love the disc bound system the planner originally comes with, but it would not work for me and how I handle my planner. I needed something that will keep my planner intact when I take it to school or travel, without the fear of my pages coming undone on the way. That is when I started to do some research on getting my Happy Planner bound in a shop. I gave my local Fedex a call and they told me they were able to bind it for me for under 5$! Can you believe that? That would make a spiral bound Happy Planner only 20$! Needless to say, I took my planner into my Fedex and it was ready within a few hours and couldn't be happier.
Coil Binding on the Cover, Divider and Month preview sections
The only thing I would change, would probably be the color of the coil, which I am not particularly fond of. With a can of spray paint, I could easily change the color of the coil to virtually anything I wanted, and I love that!

In the picture shown above, I have 3 different views of how the original holes look with the spiral coil. It is hardly noticeable and does not interfere at all with the planner itself. That means that the weekly boxes and monthly days are completely untouched! Yay!

 The imagine above is to get an even better idea of how the weekly spread looks with the spiral bound. I am madly in love and cannot wait to start using my Happy Planner!

If you decide to spiral bound your planner I would love if you tagged me on social media!

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Have a lovely day!

Dalisse @ The Tiny Canary


I've always been one to struggle with school. In fact, I was actually terrible at school. In high school, we were given planners to help aid our studies and at that moment, everything changed. I was able to plan out my entire life which allowed me to know when everything was (and when the latest I could procrastinate on a project was, :P) One thing that was lacking for me with these planners given to us in high school, was the customization and the space needed to write everything down. Most planner gals generally just write down a few words and that's about it, but for me, I need to write down everything in detail. This is what drove me to make these inserts for college.

I had taken quite a few years off after high school which really affected me in terms of prioritization. I needed something for ME, and the way I think. I also needed something as detailed as possible. That is when I created these school inserts. I needed a monthly calendar strictly for school, on one page and free of clutter. Having anything bigger would be unnecessary for me and I really wanted something I could glance at and be aware of all my events.

I also needed a place to track each of my assignments handed out by my teachers, with additional space for any and all details I may need to know. I created my inserts this way so that if you ever come across extra time on campus, all you need are these inserts.

I also included a test prep insert in case you wanted to briefly review any and all material on a test that may be coming up soon. I know test taking isn't an easy task, and I wanted to make review all that much portable and simple.

I hope you guys enjoy these inserts! Let me know if you have any questions, or more importantly, if these helped you!

To download, click the link below!

So you uncoiled your planner? : REGRETS

 Like many people who buy a spiral bound planner, the idea of uncoiling it and putting into a binder crossed my mind pretty frequently.  For me, it was the primary reason I even bought my Erin Condren planner. Initially, I was not impressed with the spiral bound system of the planner. It didn't allow for customization and I needed the added protection of the binder for whenever I travel.

When I actually received my planner in the mail, my initial thoughts were thrown out the window. I loved being able to completely flip the binder back to write on and I loved how slim it looked. Regardless of my sudden change of feelings, I decided to uncoil the first few months of the planner and try it out in my Kikki-K agenda. I immediately regretted it. I didn't mind the slight overlap, but having such large pages made my standard a5 pages stand out like a sore thumb. Writing on my Erin Condren pages proved difficult with my a5 pages still in the binder because the size difference between the pages gave an uncomfortable lump to write on. This would not be an issue if the only pages inside the binder were an Erin Condren, but this binder had everything in it, including my finances and shop information. I had to find a way to put these pages back into my Erin Condren.

After doing some research, I found that the Erin Condren site actually sold planner clips (or snap-ins) which can attach to pieces of paper. This allows you to be able to snap the sheet of paper into the coiled planner wherever it suits you. This sounded like the perfect solution.... except the snap ins on the website are much too small and come 7$ for a pack of 6. This would mean that I would need about 1.5 clips for every page and I had around 12 pages to put back in (depending if I want to include the month previous). So, basically I could only do 4 pages per set, and 3 sets total. That is around 31$ including shipping... for a planner I already put way too much money into. No thanks.

That is how I came across BellaRosePlanners on Etsy. She makes clips at a much better value. Each clip comes with an additional inch added to its length, adding more support to the page when it is  being turned. The great thing about that, is that I don't have to cut anything! The particular set I purchased is her Version 2 with Larger Openings in White and was $14 for a pack of 10. This version wasn't entirely clear but since I was going to cover the page with stickers I created for my shop, I didn't mind too much.


The shipping was super fast and I fell in love with the planner all over again after installing all my pages back. Since the purchase of my original set, Christine at BellaRosePlanners released another material for her snap in clips which was made of a more flexible and clear plastic. I definitely suggest the clear over the white original if you're planning on using this for your planner because the clear material is so much easier to see through, making your planner much more functional!

When you receive your clips they will come like the image shown above (Clear material). A non stick piece of paper will be covering the adhesive so that the the clips will remain sticky until you want to use them. I suggest if you want the straightest possible pages in your spiral bound, to attach the clips in first before attaching the page. This makes it so that you can line the holes in the correct place on the page and your paper won't lie too high or low on the planner. I made this mistake the first time and now one of my sheets is about 1/4 of an inch higher than the rest. Learn from my mistake!

The great thing about these clips as well is that if you have left overs, you can easily cut them and use them for journaling cards or to do lists! Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase and I hope this helps you in case you went through the same thing as me!

As always, thank you so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

Dalisse at The Tiny Canary


New Tangerine Kikki K: Medium

I could hardly contain my excitement when my postman knocked on my door this morning to let me know I had another package from Kikki-K. My leather agenda in Tangerine finally arrived! I was extremely excited to rip the box open and see this bad boy!

When this agenda was released, there was a 20% off discount available, which was a very clear sign that I had to snag it! I also had saved a 10$ coupon another planner friend had given me, which made this one of the most inexpensive planners I have purchase by far.

The colored leather on the Tangerine planner is very similar, if not identical, to the "Blush Pink" set that was released awhile back. Since I was not in favor of that particular allotment of colors, I was pleasantly surprised when the Tangerine was announced. Typically, I'm not an "orange" person, but I fell in love and could see myself using this color during the summer or whenever I need a pick-me-up!

The color itself is definitely a true tangerine color. It is not bright by any means but is also not completely muted either.
The inside features two shallow pockets as well as a deep notepad slot which combine to create a secretarial pocket. One of the shallow pockets is a light peach color which really gives this planner some contrast. The leather of the secondary pocket does not continue all the way down, as to not create any more bulk on the secretarial flap.

The lining is the same tangerine color and is once again a cloth fabric. It seems as though Kikki K is partial to this newer fabric lining since it really decreases bulk when the binder itself is closed. I definitely gave the binder a deep soak in some ScotchGaurd to prevent any dirt from harming the lining.

The binder agenda comes with 7 dividers with that same peach color as the pocket and includes an 18 month calendar section and quite a bit of note paper. I find that the note paper could also be used to create your own daily or weekly pages, if time or creativity is not an issue!

Overall the binder is very beautiful and would recommend it to anyone who has been interested in snagging a Kikki K. Of course since each leather agenda is hand made, there maybe some quirks in the stitching or lining, as shown in the bottom picture below, but the functionality and overall look of the binder is remarkable in quality.

I will film an unboxing soon enough, and attach it to this blog post

Once again, thanks for coming by and feel free to ask me any questions.

-Dalisse | The Tiny Canary

Plan With Me: Week of Feb 15

Not too long ago, I've acquired an Erin Condren planner in the mail and was eager to embark on the oh-so-popular journey of vertical planning. Erin Condren planners come in 3 different layouts: Horizontal, Vertical and Hourly, so there is a style of planning for everyone. 

Those of you in the planning community are either really excited about what I am about show you, or are sick and tired of it all. I for one, am very excited. I have always been a horizontal lover and user but the logic behind vertical planning made sense. I was apprehensive about the space inside every box, because with horizontal planning, there is a relatively large space for writing. Needless to say, after testing this style of planning for a few weeks, space was not an issue. I write minimal tasks in the boxes but if there is anything I need more details for, I just plug in a sticky note.

There are three separate boxes under every day that allow you to categorize your tasks however you like, which is amazing! With this method, I am able to separate my school life from the rest of my life and keeps me focused exclusively on these individual tasks. I can see this working exceptionally well for those of you readers with families to take care of!

Another great thing about Erin Condren planners is that there is a large community of content creators for all layouts of the planner. Etsy has a great community of these creators who provide amazing stickers and other fun ways to decorate and help keep your life organized.

For the week of February 15th, I went all out decorating (at least "all out" for me). On this weeks spread, I am featuring the lovely StickerGuru on Etsy (@stickerguru on Instagram). This shop is actually my first purchase on the Erin Condren vertical planning "weekly kits." These vertical weekly kits come with everything you will need (or want!) to decorate your kit on a weekly basis. Decorating isn't essential to planning, but it sure is fun.

StickerGuru is an amazing Etsy shop with a bunch of fun stickers at great value. I'm serious, this kit came with so many goodies and was only $6USD on sale! (Be sure to follow StickerGuru on instagram so you don't miss any deals.) I ended up with so many left over stickers that I was able to use quite a bit of them on my personal on-the-go planner. The quality of the stickers are fantastic as well. The patterns are very crisp and bright and are guaranteed to brighten up your week.

StickerGuru Kits in "Rose Gold" and "Pink Floral"

Links to all things mentioned:

StickerGuru on Etsy

Register using this link & get $10 off you Erin Condren Planner through your email:


2017 At A Glance Calander A5: FREE PRINTABLE

If you're like me, you like to plan. You like to know ahead of time, and that is why I made this Sunday-Monday 2017 at a glance calendar. This provides convenience for me, whenever I need to plan my cabin trips a year in advance, or whenever I need to know what day my birthday falls so that I can prepare myself at work. All of those things is what this calendar is for. 

If anyone wants to download this FREE A5 printable, click HERE

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First Impressions/ Unboxing: Kikki-K in Perforated Ice Blue

Hello everyone! Im back for another unboxing/ first impressions on my FIRST ever Kikki-K! I'll be discussing my opinions on everything from design, cover, textures and so on. First thing I have to mention though is that I came onto Kikki-K at a great time because all of their beautiful planners have come on sale when I was in the market for one. Since then, it has been difficult for a few people to find an organizer from this collection without paying quite a hefty price from a second hand seller. I suggest if you are reading this as I post this, go snag one up because this beautiful collection is not be around for long!

So onto my first impressions / review! :

I purchased this Ice Blue Perforated planner in the size "large" which is an a5 compatible organizer, which means the inserts in a Kikki-K can be used for other A5 organizers, such as the well-known Filofax. I did order through the US site to purchase, but it is common for exclusive designs to come out for different countries, such as the red design currently available for Hong Kong and Singapore in light of the New Year, so check other countries if you are curious or in the market for a different design.

My organizer shipped from Singapore on Thursday and arrived at my door on Monday morning. For reference, I live on the west coast of the USA, so that is AMAZING. One thing I do have to mention though is how terrible tracking is. Do not even bother using tracking because it is completely inaccurate most of the time. Needless to say though, I was pleasantly surprised seeing my DHL mailman with my rather large package!

As I opened my box, I saw that there was quite a lot of padding so I did not have to worry about the corners of my box becoming dented in transit. Once I opened its container box, I was blown away.

+++I want to point out that in my youtube video I said that the stitching was 100%, but little did I know there was a loose string where I'm assuming the under-thread tore, right underneath the larger notepad in the back, but all I did was snip it off and it was okay.

The Kikki-K is about 1-1.5 inches wider than my Dokibook (that was a nice surprise) and the rings were also rather large. All my of my rings came tight and there wasn't any scratching on either the clasp or the rings. The condition was over all superb in condition.

The design of the organizer is, in my opinion, stunning. I was definitely uneasy about the perforations on the front being a catalyst for grime but seeing it in person, I do not think that will be the case. The color is very similar to a light sky blue and the leather texture is that of (or similar to) Saffiano leather. The clasp is long enough to stuff quite a bit in the planner, but not long enough that it looks quite lopsided in comparison to the entirety of the organizer (much improvement to my Dokibook).

Inside the binder, you will see two small notepads slipped into some business card sized slits. I do not mind this design as much as others, but I can see the practicality of it in the future being a struggle to maintain. I am either going to have to trim down some of my current notepads or go on the hunt for some. Definitely not looking forward to that! Aside from that, I do enjoy the larger bottom two pockets, which allow for quite a bit of storage. The secretarial pocket in the back will also come into use for receipts and such.

There are 7 cardstock dividers included in this planner, which I love! It is always nice to have extra dividers because I always end up wanting to log something new in the future. Since they are not laminated though, they bend easily, and HAVE bent easily since I have playing around with it. I will either be laminating them or replacing them with some custom reinforced dividers of my own, since I don't see these lasting long (I am quite rough with my planners).

The paper quality is also quite thin in my opinion. I assume it is around a 20lb paper, so I'm going to guess anything aside from a ballpoint pen will bleed through. I tend to use pretty heavy inks, so I don't see this working for me on a daily basis, although I will probably use some note paper for any detailed information I need to write down. I appreciate that the monthly calendar is left blank so that I may be able to use it whenever I change my mind, as well. Also, there is no weekly calendar in this organizer, which may bum quite a bit of people out, considering the majority of people use these planners for weekly purposes, but this is not an issue for me considering I make my own inserts  anyway.

Overall, I think this planner is a great buy! The quality of the organizer is amazing, despite my issues with the paper and the stitching on the back... Would I buy this planner at full price? Probably not. I will most likely wait until there is another sale on a planner I love or take advantage of any coupons being handed around.

Feel free to leave me any questions or comments below, thank you!


New Nintendo 3ds XL/ LL Pearl White (US) Unboxing and System Transfer

Big news came out for Nintendo 3DS fans when several gaming blogs announced the release of the New Nintendo 3DS XL in Pearl White for the US in December 2015. Preorders began exclusively on Play-Asia and now retails for a whopping $239.99 USD excluding any shipping costs. Aside from the price being extremely high for the standard New 3DS XL, this white 3DS is definitely a collectors piece. Since the white color never officially released in the US due to lack of sales on previous consoles of the color, hearing the late release is sure to both excite and annoy some people.

Some people may ask why they released the color so late, since most people have already invested in their own console months back and will most likely refrain from purchasing this due to its steep price. For those people I say, it is not worth it if you already own your own XL 3DS. I did not own an XL, so for me it was definitely worth it! The sleek minimal feel of the iridescent white is just stunning and as cheesy as it sounds, it fits my aesthetic way more (I can't believe I said that!).

Now for the console itself, it features the same glossy finish as the other black and red consoles with a carbon fiber/canvas detailing, if you look closely enough. In certain lighting, the iridescence of the white can appear slightly pinkish (very slightly!), but it adds that extra dimension to the console that the red and black do not have. My console came to me with a very sturdy hinge so I was pleasantly surprised by that!

The next test was to see if this new 3DS would be able to successfully do a system transfer. Since I had already done one a few days prior, I had to wait (very annoyingly) to do this, which in turn resulted in a second video, sorry! Needless to say, the transfer went smoothly and I was able to transfer my microsd card just as easily. Gameplay on all US games also worked perfectly and were able to save as per usual.

Feel free to check out my videos below for a bit more on this New 3DS XL in Pearl White!

To purchase this 3DS XL: Play-Asia

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