As Seen on Pinterest: Last Minute Fall Decorations

So, you have friends and family coming over but have been caught up in all the food preparations that you completely forgot about decorating. Lucky for you, I got some quick fixes that will help spice up your home for under $20.

While searching across pinterest, I found a few inspirations that I knew I had to try so I got together with a friend of mine, Marissa, and we got crafting.

This first project is a fun fall inspired wreath that can even be used up until the end of the year!

Here's what you'll need:

-Some loose leaves
-Pinecones of varying sizes
-Some pieces that will add additional colors (fake apples, berries, etc)
-Metallic (there is a typo on my gif, I know!) or white paint
-Twig Wreath
-Burlap Ribbon
-Hot glue gun or super glue

All together, these supplies were a little under $12 with the wreath being the priciest item at a whopping $4. I was able to find some of the additional decoration pieces near the wreath aisle at my local Michaels for around $1 each. I was able to use some of the leaves from a different decoration piece I already owned to save a bit of money.

The paint can be used to coat the pinecones since it could blend well into the wreath otherwise. I recommend using a sponge for the best effect but a brush or your fingers will work just as well.

Once you have all the pieces, lay them out how you would like before glueing them down. This prevents any placement problems you may run into if you just randomly start gluing pieces down. Although it is optional, I used a burlap ribbon on my wreath, but you can use any type of ribbon or opt out entirely. Once assembled, glue and you are done!

If you have random decorations lying around you may be able to up cycle it to something similar too!

This jar decoration is by far the easiest thing to create!

 Here is what you will need for this:
-Mason jar
-Ribbon or twine
-Scrapbook glitter paper

The total cost of this was only $4 since we were able to use some remaining pieces from the wreath to make this. You may even have a lot of this stuff lying around too, so feel free to use that!

First things first, I cut out a strip of the burlap to wrap around the jar. I left about 1/4 inch in excess to glue the ends together rather than gluing the burlap directly onto the jar in case we wanted to reuse the jar for any reason. This allows us to slide the burlap on and off with ease. With the scrapbook paper, I followed the same process as before except I made the width a bit smaller so the burlap can peak through. You can leave it at that, but I wanted to add a bit of color so I wrapped a bit of twine around a few times and tied a bow towards the front.

You can really fill this up with anything from tea candles to pinecones, like I did which can have your how smelling yummy!

Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

First off, let me start off by saying how excited I was for this opportunity to finally write about Colourpop! They have been all over social media and I have heard nothing but great things. I got a packet of Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippies in the mail the other day and thought I would write a blog on my first impressions and to see how well they last during the day. I love a matte lip so this is definitely something I needed to get my hands on.

The packaging itself is very classic and minimal, which I love. If you order directly from the seller, they even take the time to write you a personal note, which I always find extremely considerate and makes you feel like you are getting the best service (which you are!). Before I get carried away, let me tell you readers the VALUE you are getting with these bad boys. Each one of these is a whopping $6 USD. Yup, that's right, $6. If that isn't incredible, I don't know what is. 

As for the application, it is very similar to many other liquid lipsticks. Very wet during when first applied and sticky as it sets. When this lipstick sets, not only is it extremely matte, but it feels weightless, as though nothing is even on the lips (picture of lipstick freshly applied above). I decided that if I was going to review this lipstick, might as well put it to the test, so off I went to eat a large buttery italian meal, shop the nearby promenade and some froyo. At the end of the day, I had worn this lipstick for around 7 hours without touching up.

Shown above is what the lipstick looked like after around 7 hours of wear. That is incredible! Aside from flaking towards the center and corners of my lips, the lipstick stayed on great. There also is some transfer if you rub your lips! To touch the lipstick up, I layered a second coat and got some balling/flaking, so I recommend removing the old lipstick and reapplying a fresh coat. Towards the end of the day, my lips were a bit on the dry side but nothing too unbearable. 

Overall this product is a MUST-HAVE! With this price, you can't pass it up.
A definite 5/5!

The color worn on my lips is Trap.


Crisp Leaves

Fall has officially arrived for those of us living in the valley of California (as I write this, The Valley from Eisley pops into my head). Rain is also becoming a regular thing, although I would like to thank good ol' El Nino for that. With the rain comes chillier weather and cozy sweaters, so here I present to you my first fall outfit of 2015! I have been straying away from ootds for awhile, mainly because I don't want it to be my priority for this blog, but it is still something I love to incorporate! 

I went on an early lunch with Justin this afternoon and afterwards we decided to walk it off a bit at the park nearby. Not only was the weather was perfect, but the lighting was amazing so I knew I had to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

hat// poshmark market
necklaces// f21
cardigan//urban similar
jeans//gap 1969
boots//steve madden

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