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For those of you who are aware of the comment American Apparel has made about their business, you know they are not doing too well. If you're an AA lover like me, this comes as both good and bad news because that means you're going to be getting awesome discounts, but you're probably never going to be able to buy anything else once everything has been sold. I, of course, have already been snagging up on the deals they've had and I recommend you do too! 

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First Impressions/Review: Too Faced Born This Way

When I heard that Too Faced released a foundation, I was ecstatic. I did all the research I could beforehand and it seems as though everyone had nothing but good things to say, so of course I was quick to jump on this band wagon. I went to my local Ulta and grabbed up the shade Ivory. Before I purchased it, I made sure to swatch it on my wrist to let it set while I walked around the store. Around 30 minutes later, the swatch completely oxidized to a dark yellow/orange color. I decided to go ahead and purchase it anyway since I have previously read that it sets better with powder.

Now for the wear test! I included a set of my unedited skin including all acne scars and pores to show you guys how full coverage this foundation is. It claims to be medium/full coverage and definitely holds true to that. I used a rounded foundation brush to apply the foundation so that I had full control over the amount of makeup going on my skin. 
 First impressions: I was definitely impressed with the first application. I have extremely oily skin and my face felt very velvety and my pores even appeared smaller. After the second application, almost all my acne scars were covered and the finish was very natural. I would consider it a slightly matte/satin finish so it would assume it looks great on dry to normal skin. I went ahead and set my face with my usual powder and went out for the day.
 Above: 6 hours later, oils shown with flash photography. Click to enlarge for details.

After around 6-7 hours later, I noticed my face felt extremely dewy around my cheeks and extremely oily on my t-zone. The foundation on my nose seems to have seperated into patches and there was quite of bit of the product built up around my nose. Other than that, I was able to blot the excess oil away and repowder to last for another 2-3 hours.

Final thoughts: Overall, I give this foundation a 6.5/10. At first, I really enjoyed the finish and coverage of this foundation and the color was pretty much a perfect match for my skin. It shrunk the appearance of my pores and had a very natural look. Over time, my skin was beginning to seperate the foundation on certain areas of my t-zone and definitely needed to be retouched. I suggest people with normal to dry skin to use this foundation! For those of you who are like me and have oily skin, save your money and try something a little bit more long lasting and mattifying.


Festival Round 2

You're more likely to find me at a house show in San Francisco than Coachella but I love the 70s inspired fashion festivals are associated with. Of course there are extremities to everything but casual is always my go-to.

I especially love the button skirts that are currently trending because its something that really came out of nowhere. Where skater skirts once were, a-line button downs have now replaced. I'm not complaining either because I am 100% for this trend. I hope it never goes out of style because it is so flattering!

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70's Festival Inspired

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite youtubers Brittany Balyn mentioned a site named Boohoo in one of her haul videos. I like to think of myself as someone who keeps up to date with all the upcoming online shopping sites but I had absolutely no idea about this site! I was absolutely in love! Although it focuses primarily on trends, it is extremely affordable and the quality is amazing. I definitely recommend you check it out and see for yourself. You definitely won't regret it (but your wallet might).

Also, you guys should take a gander on over to Urban Finesse LA. They are a new company based in LA and they have some really cute things for you Cali-loving beach goers. The accessories they have are super fun too! The bracelet I'm wearing in todays blogpost is only a sneak peak of what they have to offer, so definitely go give them some love and maybe even pick yourself up a thing or two.

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What's In My Carry-On

I actually don't travel much on planes, but I'm a frequent mountain/coast girl so I figured this would be a fun thing to do! This isn't necessarily what I bring every time, but it is definitely my reference list for when I ever decide to go anywhere.

If I plan on packing light or if I'm not staying somewhere long,  I usually opt out of bringing my laptop and take my Ipad instead. I also keep tons of books on my ipad, so I usually don't bring any books unless I happen to own the physical copy. I always bring my small essentials with me as well, such as hand sanitizer, earphones, lotion, lipstick/chapstick, lenswipes/wet wipes, snacks and of course perfume! I almost always bring my 3ds but I couldn't find that for the life of me.

I hope this helps you guys out for the next time you go travelling somewhere! Enjoy. :)

Recycle, Reuse

I recently watched a documentary named "The True Cost" that explains the real story about what really goes on in the clothing/textile production. More than anything, it has made really research the companies I purchase from. I definitely encourage my fellow fashion bloggers to watch this documentary!

In today's outfit, I recycled old pieces from my wardrobe and dressed it up in a way I would have never previously used it before. By doing this, I feel as though I can really save myself money, but it also challenges myself creatively everyday by doing so. I hope you guys enjoy!

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