Part 2: Morrobay/SLO & Bishops Peak

On Saturday we woke early so that we can go head over to Morro Bay to explore the shops and later have some lunch. We went inside some art galleries and scoped out some shell shops in the scorching heat. It isn't even spring yet so the fact that we were basically dying from the heat really shocked us. After walking for a bit we realized we could use some food so we stopped by Duchmans and had some fresh fishy snacks. Since it was Valentines day, we tried not to stuff ourselves since it was going to be dinner time in only a few hours. After Morro Bay we headed towards SLO and while my sister went out to dinner, Justin and I decided to walk around the streets. It seemed as though every couple was thinking the same thing because the streets were flooded with young couples. Needless to say, Valentines day was very busy and very much loved.

Our last day of staying in the central coast, we all decided to hike up Bishops Peak. Little did we know it was going to be ravenous in heat which only made us exhausted on our way up but it was definitely worth it looking down, and most importantly being back in our car and looking UP. It crazy knowing we climbed up almost 2000 feet! 

I felt like this was a much needed trip. I work all the time at really awkward hours so it is almost impossible to get a trip like this in. I really can't wait for another one like this.


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