No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin Review

I figured I would switch it up on the blog and start doing reviews! I really want to start exploring all options and I really think some of these reviews can help some of you guys out. The first thing I want to review is No7's Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry skin. Now, my skin isn't what you call "dry" but is rather a more extreme oil/dry combo. Some parts around my face are dry and flaky while others accumulate excess oil rather quickly. I suffer from a mild form of eczema around my eyelids and nose as well.

I walked into my local Target and was recommended this product by another shopper. I was skeptical at first because my skin does get quite oily but I know a way to battle oil is to either fight oil with oil or simply moisturize with the correct products, so I gave this a go. At first, the application felt quite thin and felt a little bit like sun screen so I was not too fond of it at all but as I kept turning back to it, I applied the cream more liberally in larger portions where my skin really needed it. Overall, this product did work rather well with my oily skin as a light moisturizer but I really just need something a bit more moisturizing for my areas of flaky skin. For people with normal/slightly dry/dry skin, this product would work great and I would definitely recommend.

 A jar of this product lasted me around 2.5-3 months and an average $13 USD.


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