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how to fake healthy hair while repairing damaged hair

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It took me quite some time to find the right products for my hair. After spending dozens of dollars on products that just weren't right for me, I finally came across my dream team. I wish I had a better picture of the damage but quite honestly, I was too embarrassed to take any photos. I had mistakingly thought my hair was invincible and pushed it to the edge.

If you were a follower of mine when I started my blog, you know pretty well the steps I've been taking but I felt now is a good time for an update!

My hair now is entirely my own natural hair color and for the most part, very healthy! The ends and bits around my face simply just do not grow as fast as the rest of my hair so I make sure to take extra care of these areas.

First things first:

Do not wash your hair every day. Your hair needs time to replenish the natural oils that you have been stripping for years. In between washes I use dry shampoo liberally on my roots before bed and waking up in the morning.

I use Macadamia oil if my ends ever feel dry in between these periods in which I do not wash.

When I DO wash my hair, I always wash my roots and use the suds to wash the rest of my hair. Never wash multiple times in the shower. This strips your essential oils and generally damages your hair.

After I shower, I wait until my hair is slightly damp and spray 3-5 pumps of the Its-a-10 leave in conditioner in my hands and evenly coat the ends of my hair. I use a wide toothed comb to comb my hair when its damp to prevent it from tearing my hair.

Depending on how my hair feels that day, I may put coconut oil on the damaged ends of my  damp hair.

Taking these steps have really changed my hair for the better. I have definitely learned from experience not to challenge my hair. I hope these steps help you too!

EDIT: I made a mistake understanding what cowashing is, but all has been fixed. :)

Wind Wolves

A couple months ago while searching online for some nice nearby trails, I came across Wind Wolves. It was less than an hours drive from my home town and the views looked beautiful. It's been raining quite a bit in California so I decided we should try to make a trip before it got too warm and starting drying the terrain out again. The ride down was smooth and arriving was a jaw dropper. I didn't know something so beautiful could be so close to my home town. We snapped some shots and made our way into a 5/6 mile hike before we got hungry and decided to go get some food. It was definitely well worth the wait to get this weather and lush greenery.

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No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin Review

I figured I would switch it up on the blog and start doing reviews! I really want to start exploring all options and I really think some of these reviews can help some of you guys out. The first thing I want to review is No7's Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry skin. Now, my skin isn't what you call "dry" but is rather a more extreme oil/dry combo. Some parts around my face are dry and flaky while others accumulate excess oil rather quickly. I suffer from a mild form of eczema around my eyelids and nose as well.

I walked into my local Target and was recommended this product by another shopper. I was skeptical at first because my skin does get quite oily but I know a way to battle oil is to either fight oil with oil or simply moisturize with the correct products, so I gave this a go. At first, the application felt quite thin and felt a little bit like sun screen so I was not too fond of it at all but as I kept turning back to it, I applied the cream more liberally in larger portions where my skin really needed it. Overall, this product did work rather well with my oily skin as a light moisturizer but I really just need something a bit more moisturizing for my areas of flaky skin. For people with normal/slightly dry/dry skin, this product would work great and I would definitely recommend.

 A jar of this product lasted me around 2.5-3 months and an average $13 USD.


Instax Mini 8: Pink

Over this past 2014 year I have been dying for the instax mini 8. During that year I had other financial priorities and unfortunately was never able to spoil myself with one... until today! My sister got gifted one for christmas and I was once again reminded of my want for it and since I now have a stable job, I was able to treat myself to it! Luckily, she let me take a few shots with it and it only reinforced my love for it even more. Take a look below for some shots and some accessories you can get alongside your Instax mini 8!

Where to Buy:
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