Crisp Leaves

Fall has officially arrived for those of us living in the valley of California (as I write this, The Valley from Eisley pops into my head). Rain is also becoming a regular thing, although I would like to thank good ol' El Nino for that. With the rain comes chillier weather and cozy sweaters, so here I present to you my first fall outfit of 2015! I have been straying away from ootds for awhile, mainly because I don't want it to be my priority for this blog, but it is still something I love to incorporate! 

I went on an early lunch with Justin this afternoon and afterwards we decided to walk it off a bit at the park nearby. Not only was the weather was perfect, but the lighting was amazing so I knew I had to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

hat// poshmark market
necklaces// f21
cardigan//urban similar
jeans//gap 1969
boots//steve madden


Bon Look Lift Review

Most of you know that I wear glasses, but you probably don't know that I have been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old. So that means for a little over half of my life, I have had two pieces of glass attached to my face to be able to see anything. At first, glasses were a chore and I was embarrassed of wearing them since most kids around that age didn't wear glasses, but as I grew older I started to appreciate them and even incorporate them into my outfits. I always needed new glasses every year because my vision was deteriorating quite quickly for whatever reason so that required me to visit my eye doctor frequently, which if you didn't know, can be upwards of around 200-300$ for everything. Spending an average of 200$ every year for 12 years is a lot of money. 2400$ to be specific, if you didn't feel like doing the math. That is a lot of money. I had a family member tell me about how they had a good experience ordering a pair of glasses through an online retailer which sparked my interest and that is how I came across a site named Bon Look.

Bon Look is an online glasses retailer that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses (they also sell them without any prescription, if you are interested). The great thing about Bon Look is that they are a fraction of what I have to pay at my doctors office and have great stylish options to choose from, all from the comfort of home. Although there are no free at home try-ons like competitor Warby Parker, Bon Look offers a 30 money back guarantee if you aren't happy for any reason, which is pretty much an at home try-on if you ask me! Another great thing about Bon Look is that they give amazing coupon deals, so be sure to check on that.

After searching youtube and online reviews I gravitated towards the "Lift" model, which is a classic wire/acetate plastic combination that flatters many face shapes. I was actually quite nervous because I have quite a large square face so I was expecting these lenses to be rather small, but they fit beautifully and aren't all that heavy. The neutral color of the frame allows versatility with my outfits so I can wear pretty much anything with these and still look rather chic. The glasses come in a very sophisticated white carrier with an included lens wipe for easy clean up.

Over all, I paid 75$ flat for these lenses and I LOVE them. I have never been more happy with a pair of glasses and would definitely recommend them. Especially with their 30 day money back guarantee, you really can't go wrong!

Click Here to Browse the Site!

Review/First Impressions: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector

I have always been a bronzer girl for as long as I could remember but despite my obsession with face products, I never really thought about highlighters. After viewing countless of videos of highlighters and glowy skin, I still never really thought to apply it to my own face. For my sisters birthday, I had asked her about what she may have wanted as a gift and she said she really wanted the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Pressed Powder in Champagne Pop. I have actually heard of this brand before with their other shades (Moonstone etc) but when this particular shade actually arrived in the mail, I knew it was love at first sight. I quickly went online and ordered myself one and today I will be doing a little mini review/ first impressions!

The powder itself resembles a very fine shimmer shadow and is very pigmented. The swatch shown below is what it looks like on my skin, so you can truly see how pigmented it is. Of course if you are uncomfortable with its pigmentation, a fluffy brush or fan brush will easily blend it on the skin just as easily as it can be built up. The color is a very pale rose gold, so it tends to suit either tanned or olive complexions (feel free to wear it otherwise!). 

For the wear test, I decided I would try it for a full day at work to test its longevity on my cheek bones, nose and above my eyebrows. After around 3-4 hours I did notice a few shimmer bits around my arms and neck but nothing too messy. Around 5-6 hours later, the shimmer did lose its opacity, so I definitely needed to reapply. Overall, I have to say... I love this highlighter. It is buildable, and this particular shade is just so flattering on my olive skin that I can see myself using this on a regular basis. If you guys have been considering trying out Becca Pressed Powders, DO IT!

Overal Score: 9/10

Too Faced: Chocolate Soleil Review

I admit it... I am addicted to bronzer. It is almost impossible to leave the house without at least applying some to my cheeks. Why you ask? Because it looks absolutely amazing! Bronzer warms up the skin without the harmful effect of sunrays and you have the ability to bronze the skin selectively. Who wouldn't love that? When I saw myself running out of my shimmer bronzer from Sephora, I knew it was time to switch it up a bit and grab myself a matte replacement.

I have been eyeing Too Faced's bronzer in Chocolate Soleil for awhile now but I hesitated simply because I was unsure of wether to go down a shade to Milk Chocolate since I am actually quite pale (NC15/20). I went ahead and stuck with my gut on Chocolate Soleil and was happy I did. It is the perfect shade for my pale/medium skin and compliments my yellow tones wonderfully! I suggest if you are an NC/NW 15 or under, to go with the Milk Chocolate.

My first impressions of this bronzer was that it was not as orange I am used to! Although it does have a warmth to it, it is much more subdued that a lot of bronzers on the market today. The feel of the bronzer is very smooth but still a bit powdery. Definitely not a buttery smoothness that you would feel with extra fine pressed eyeshadows. or loose setting powders. Also, I have heard it smells like chocolate (I'm anosmic, kiddos)!!

When I first applied the powder to my face, it looked beautiful! It's very natural (and buildable) and it very blendable. There were no splotches of bronzer where it wouldn't blend, although a good brush can help with that. Over time though, it did seem to wear off a bit so a setting spray would be much needed, or perhaps a creme bronzer underneath.

Overall I give this product and 8.5/10 and I would definitely repurchase again!

Back To School Basics

For those of you who are aware of the comment American Apparel has made about their business, you know they are not doing too well. If you're an AA lover like me, this comes as both good and bad news because that means you're going to be getting awesome discounts, but you're probably never going to be able to buy anything else once everything has been sold. I, of course, have already been snagging up on the deals they've had and I recommend you do too! 

hat//poshmark market, similar
dress//american apparel

First Impressions/Review: Too Faced Born This Way

When I heard that Too Faced released a foundation, I was ecstatic. I did all the research I could beforehand and it seems as though everyone had nothing but good things to say, so of course I was quick to jump on this band wagon. I went to my local Ulta and grabbed up the shade Ivory. Before I purchased it, I made sure to swatch it on my wrist to let it set while I walked around the store. Around 30 minutes later, the swatch completely oxidized to a dark yellow/orange color. I decided to go ahead and purchase it anyway since I have previously read that it sets better with powder.

Now for the wear test! I included a set of my unedited skin including all acne scars and pores to show you guys how full coverage this foundation is. It claims to be medium/full coverage and definitely holds true to that. I used a rounded foundation brush to apply the foundation so that I had full control over the amount of makeup going on my skin. 
 First impressions: I was definitely impressed with the first application. I have extremely oily skin and my face felt very velvety and my pores even appeared smaller. After the second application, almost all my acne scars were covered and the finish was very natural. I would consider it a slightly matte/satin finish so it would assume it looks great on dry to normal skin. I went ahead and set my face with my usual powder and went out for the day.
 Above: 6 hours later, oils shown with flash photography. Click to enlarge for details.

After around 6-7 hours later, I noticed my face felt extremely dewy around my cheeks and extremely oily on my t-zone. The foundation on my nose seems to have seperated into patches and there was quite of bit of the product built up around my nose. Other than that, I was able to blot the excess oil away and repowder to last for another 2-3 hours.

Final thoughts: Overall, I give this foundation a 6.5/10. At first, I really enjoyed the finish and coverage of this foundation and the color was pretty much a perfect match for my skin. It shrunk the appearance of my pores and had a very natural look. Over time, my skin was beginning to seperate the foundation on certain areas of my t-zone and definitely needed to be retouched. I suggest people with normal to dry skin to use this foundation! For those of you who are like me and have oily skin, save your money and try something a little bit more long lasting and mattifying.


Festival Round 2

You're more likely to find me at a house show in San Francisco than Coachella but I love the 70s inspired fashion festivals are associated with. Of course there are extremities to everything but casual is always my go-to.

I especially love the button skirts that are currently trending because its something that really came out of nowhere. Where skater skirts once were, a-line button downs have now replaced. I'm not complaining either because I am 100% for this trend. I hope it never goes out of style because it is so flattering!

jacket/cherokee for kids
shoes/crown vintage

70's Festival Inspired

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite youtubers Brittany Balyn mentioned a site named Boohoo in one of her haul videos. I like to think of myself as someone who keeps up to date with all the upcoming online shopping sites but I had absolutely no idea about this site! I was absolutely in love! Although it focuses primarily on trends, it is extremely affordable and the quality is amazing. I definitely recommend you check it out and see for yourself. You definitely won't regret it (but your wallet might).

Also, you guys should take a gander on over to Urban Finesse LA. They are a new company based in LA and they have some really cute things for you Cali-loving beach goers. The accessories they have are super fun too! The bracelet I'm wearing in todays blogpost is only a sneak peak of what they have to offer, so definitely go give them some love and maybe even pick yourself up a thing or two.

hat/similar, similar
necklaces/dcauldron, AC Preorder

What's In My Carry-On

I actually don't travel much on planes, but I'm a frequent mountain/coast girl so I figured this would be a fun thing to do! This isn't necessarily what I bring every time, but it is definitely my reference list for when I ever decide to go anywhere.

If I plan on packing light or if I'm not staying somewhere long,  I usually opt out of bringing my laptop and take my Ipad instead. I also keep tons of books on my ipad, so I usually don't bring any books unless I happen to own the physical copy. I always bring my small essentials with me as well, such as hand sanitizer, earphones, lotion, lipstick/chapstick, lenswipes/wet wipes, snacks and of course perfume! I almost always bring my 3ds but I couldn't find that for the life of me.

I hope this helps you guys out for the next time you go travelling somewhere! Enjoy. :)

Recycle, Reuse

I recently watched a documentary named "The True Cost" that explains the real story about what really goes on in the clothing/textile production. More than anything, it has made really research the companies I purchase from. I definitely encourage my fellow fashion bloggers to watch this documentary!

In today's outfit, I recycled old pieces from my wardrobe and dressed it up in a way I would have never previously used it before. By doing this, I feel as though I can really save myself money, but it also challenges myself creatively everyday by doing so. I hope you guys enjoy!

shoes/crown vintage


School's Out For Summer

I went thrift shopping in LA to find some things to add to my shop and managed to find some pretty great stuff! Normally, I'm not very lucky with my finds but I've learned to really be patient with thrifting and have been rewarded for it with some things you guys will really like!

I also have been really lucky with online shops too. I am never one to buy something full price... EVER. Same goes with this purse I managed to find for HALF the price with a coupon code on a different site. I will look for every possible site with the same/similar items and scavage across the internet for coupon codes until I'm able to pay the lowest possible price. I admit, I am a shopaholic but with an addiction like mine, you really do need to find ways to get the most out of your money. Stay tuned for a guide on that as well.

top//poshmark market
denim vest//f21

Off the Grid

After my seasonal Sheinside/Romwe/Choies haul, I came to find, as usual, 80% of the items I got didn't fit me. The dress I'm wearing currently was no exception. It was huge! The holes for the arms were way too small and my bust looked so unflattering. Also, it was about 8 inches too long on my short 5'2" self. I busted out my sewing machine and gave this dress a serious makeover and now it just happens to be one of my favorite dresses!

Also, I also am in LOVE basics now. I like having such minimal pieces together and pairing it with a bold lip or shoes to really make that look pop. Stay tuned because I have some really awesome stuff coming up!

hat/poshmark market

Runnin' Dry

After running the streets of LA trying to find parking, we managed to get some great shots! Had a great time walking around and eating sweet desserts and enjoying the chilly weather. I may have broken my shoe, but hanging around some cool made it worth it.


Easy Breezy

I had a pretty bad shopping week this week and splurged on a few things, two of which are these awesome shoes and floral kimono. I had a pretty big event today though, so I wanted to wear something new for the occasion. 

Since we had a DSW open up in town recently, I booked it there and got these early 2000s-esque shoes for under 40$! I saw a pair at target for a few bucks cheaper, so make sure to check both places out. They look eerily similar. 

The kimono was a last minute pickup to use as a cover up but I actually ended up falling in love with it. I don't know how I am going to incorporate this into more outfits, but I can't wait to see what I come up with.


Embracing Loneliness

Like most people, I've had trouble making close friends since leaving high school. It puts us in a situation where we've had to put a lot of work and effort into simply just trying and understandably it gets tiring. With lack of response, of course, comes discouragement and we end up getting lonely. I have gone days really upset that things didn't work out and in turn makes it that much harder to get up a try again. The longer you put that contact off, the harder it becomes for us to try to get on our feet again.

For me, this blog serves as a mean of social contact, although it isn't as direct as I previously stated, it helps me get by until something comes along. Thats how it is with most people, I have come to learn. Everyone is a lot more lonely than they want to admit, whether it be through social media or something else. But here is my question to you.... Why are you ashamed to admit you are feeling alone? We are all there. We all understand, yet we fight off any signs of weakness to save us the embarrassment. I'm tired of pretending I'm okay all the time. I just want someone to be there with me and hopefully I can also be that person in return.

Yet even as I type this, I still feel alone yes, but I understand that I am not the only one. I will not allow this feeling to drown me. I will not allow myself to give up, and neither should you.


Rainy Daze

Weirdly enough, it has been raining quite frequently lately. Whenever it seems as though summer is finally arriving, clouds show up the next day and rain on our parade (sometimes even literally). Despite how that may have sounded... I actually love the rain. My allergies go away temporarily and the air is quite a bit more enjoyable to breathe. That, and it is just beautiful watching the rain fall.

I took advantage of the day and went to grab some coffee with a friend of mine. As ridiculous as it sounds, I did have a bit of anxiety going since I knew I would be around people I didn't know and possibly forced to have conversation with them. I was actually really happy I stepped out because I met some really sweet people and they made being in public all that more comfortable.

So, here I leave you with a question...

After putting yourself out there, do you regret not having done so much earlier?



I'm back!

I know I've been away for awhile but I've been a flush of inspiration lately! I also got a really awesome deal on a tripod at my work the other day so I can now shoot my own blog photos. Aside from that, I have a few exciting shoots coming up that I can't wait for, so be tuned in for that.

I don't usually wear this much makeup anymore but I really just wanted to get a little out of my comfort zone today no matter how small. Now it's time to get out of the house and grab a cup of coffee.

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