What Anxiety is to Me

Anxiety is the constant need to pick at bloody finger tips and chewed nails
It's the half empty box of triptan medication to (hopefully) ease the headache you get from worrying about nothing
It's the need to over tweeze the hairs on my head, on my arms, just to stop thinking
Anxiety is the sweat that never leaves the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet
It is the shouts that come out of me when I can't control the situation
It is checking something 8 times even though I already know what I'm going to see
Anxiety is the scabs on my lips from biting
and the scars on the inside of my cheeks from tearing
It is bursting out in tears before bed for no particular reason and everything all at once
It is the friendships and relationships I've lost or broken because I'm just never worth it
or maybe it scares me, or maybe it's something else???

Anxiety comes when anxiety is already here and then comes again and again until you realized you have ruined 3 hours of your life afraid and nervous about what exactly? Everything maybe or nothing at all. It is the constant worry that maybe you didn't brush your teeth correctly or maybe even something bigger like not being happy about where you are in your career. It will make you mentally break when you hear that one note from a song on the radio that for some unknown reason makes you panic. No matter what the situation, anxiety is always here and it will tear your confidence up until you are too afraid too leave your room or much worse... yourself.



  1. Thanks for sharing. This is so accurate it's scary (insert monkey covering eyes face here)

    1. I just felt as though there were so many people trying to get others to understand what it's like to have depression and such when anxiety is very similar in seriousness yet it isn't as often talked about. Just wanted to get it out there

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