How to Come Home From Work

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Lately, I've been working full shifts at my work and I've been SO exhausted to do anything. Unfortunately because of that, I haven't been blogging as much. Once I get home from work I take my pants off , slip into sweat pants and lay down on the couch with my cat while I catch up on some other lifestyle bloggers. Nothing makes me feel warm and cozy like a good book/blog, a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee. Those are definitely my go-to items when I want to forget about going to work  again the next day (hahhhhh...). My boyfriends been working pretty much the opposite shift as I do so it's really hard to spend time with him. :(

As for working... my feet have been KILLING using my old black vans from years back. I refuse to walk for a good hour or two once I come home from work. I have taken the step and bought some insoles to hopefully ease the pain a bit and maybe make me less of a grouch during the day too.

How do you come home from work?


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