DIY Garland Wreath

 Unfortunately, my last two posts got deleted so I've had to repost them again! Anyway, here is my DIY garland wreath... again! 

What You Need

2 nine feet piece of garland (I chose green and a gold/silver mix)

1 piece or wired garland, at least 20 inches

1 bow



Hot Glue


All the supplies only cost me around 6$ at my local dollar store!

First, bend the wired garland into the shape you want your wreath to be. Once you have the shape, twist the ends of the wire secure so that the two ends stay attached. Start wrapping the base color garland around the wire. You will notice that you will have gaps the first cycle but as you make another rotation, it is easy to cover those bits up for a fuller wreath look. Tuck the ends of the garland into each other so that they become secured.

Once you wrapped your base color, go ahead and add your accent color in the same manner. I only wanted a little bit of the color to peek through so I only used about 1/2 to 3/4 of the colored garland after evenly spacing them around the wreath. Tuck the ends of the garland into each other once more.

 When you're done you should have something like this

Next up is to add the bow! 

  Make sure that the bow you are using has some sort of twist tie attached through the center so that it has something to tie around the wreath. If you do not have the wire, just use string! It works just as good.

At the top of your wreath, start twisting the wire attached to your bow around the wreath. Make sure it is tightly secured as you do not want your bow falling off.

You should be left with a beautiful bow afterwards! At this time you could either glue or string on some ornaments to your wreath. Enjoy!

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