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Rainy Days

Jacket/ Topshop
Sheer Vneck/ Target
Necklace/ ArstyJor
Jeans/ American Eagle
Shoes/ Vans

With the fall season coming up, I give you really basic poses featuring my favorite go-to outfit! I usually don't wear sneakers but lately I've been really feeling them especially for walking and such (I usually try to tuck in the laces, not a fan). Who would've thought they'd be good for that? Jokes.... jokes. I don't always wear the same shirt or pants but its really simple to switch those pieces out and still achieve a similar look. I also had to run right after these pictures were taken due rain splashing everywhere. Yay!


Fall Must-Haves

Black Sunglasses/ SheInside
Striped Top/ SheInside, Other Option
Shimmer Top/ Topshop, Other Option 1, 2
Faux Fur Clutch/ Topshop, Dupe 1
Loose Grey T-Shirt/ NastyGal
Faux Fur Coat/ Asos, Dupe 1
Black Suit Pants/ Asos
Yellow Sunglasses/ SheInside
Loafers/ Dupe 1

I am all about that expensive tailored look mixed with a touch of casual. Just because it looks expensive, doesn't mean it has to be. I want this section to be more of an inspiration or guideline for myself or my viewers when we actually go shopping for similar items. My blog for the most part is intended to be more on the affordable side with an occasional (aka very rare) splurge item, so don't think you can't get these pieces! I just wanted a way to show everyone what I am into at the moment. Let me know what you think!

That Girl

Shoes/Nine West

I met Andrea a few years ago at a local music festival in town and instantly clicked. She has such a passion for art and her style is so unique and laid back (although she won't admit it). I feel like because of these reasons, we get along really well. She is by far one of the sweetest people I have met and has a endless interest in creating art and all things DIY. Regardless of the materials she uses, she is bound to make a pretty sweet piece of art. 

Follow her on //Instagram//


Let's Talk Tea!

This past year I've been trying to incorporate drinking tea into my everyday life. In doing so, I've acquired quite a selection to choose from. I'm not entirely a fan of black teas (love my chai teas though!) but I have a soft spot for white and green teas. This past month I've been on the lookout for a spearmint tea and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE in my town. As nervous as I was ordering on Amazon, I ordered a tin of The Tao of Tea 100% Spearmint Tea and I AM IN LOVE! It is so yummy and for the price, I am very happy with how much you get in the tin. :) My other two favorites lately have been Tazo's Berryblossom White Tea and Good Earth's Chai Tea with a vanilla creamer. Yum yum! If you have any teas to recommend, let me know! I am always open to try new things.


The Hangs


Yesterday was quite eventful. I don't think I've ever walked as much as I did yesterday. Xander, a friend of Justin and I, took us out to this diner in our town for lunch and from there we spent way too much money shopping in the mall. Darn Christmas season! As much as I wanted to pass out after all that food, I'm definitely glad we were on our feet all day because I wasn't so guilty about eating a full plate of ribs and sides, which at first, I told myself I wouldn't even be able to finish.

After Justin went to work, Xander and I hit up First Friday downtown and enjoyed some coffee and cool local shops. For anyone that wants some awesome crystal necklaces, you should definitely check out @artsyjor on instgram or her etsy HERE.  She has beautiful creations so you should take some time out of your day to go see and support your local talents!

I apologize for the not-HD pictures today! My camera ran out of batteries. qq


What's on my Kindle?

I'm a huge reader. I read so much sometimes that I sometimes forget to finish one book because I was too busy reading 3 others. As great of a hobby reading can be, it can also be very expensive. I used to be those paper loving booksters who swore off ereaders, but when I realized that I owned multiple first volumes of several series' of books, I knew my wallet was screwed. I couldn't afford to purchase the remaining volumes of books from all these series'... that would be up to 200-400 dollars considering some books simply cost more than others. I hated that I had to wait until a used paperback came out before I could even think about buying a book. I wasn't happy this way but I wasn't going to risk my financial situation by just purchasing all of them either.

When my brother came to visit, he brought with him a first gen kindle reader and I was intrigued. I always hated the idea of owning one before, but being poor with a book addiction quite honestly makes you second guess yourself. If I could buy a used kindle.... in the end I would save quite a bit of money and also *finally* read and finish the books I've always wanted to finish. I looked and looked and finally I decided that Kindle Fire HD was for me. I found one at a great price and the power to control the brightness was a plus for me since I can read just about anywhere.

Since I got my Kindle, I have been on it non stop. I highly suggest getting one if you are my same situation because you will not regret it!!

I got my cover on Amazon for 15$.

So.. What do I have on my Kindle you ask?


  • If There Be Thorns  VC Andrews
  • Harry Potter Series JK Rowling
  • Miss peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Ransom Riggs
  • Orphan Train Christina Baker Kline
  • IQ84 Haruki Murakami
  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronice Haruki Murakami
  • Gone Girl Gillian Flynn
  • City of Heavenly Fire Cassandra Clare
  • Throne of Glass Sarah J Mass
  • Eleanor & Park Rainbow Rowell
  • Fangirl Rainbow Rowell
  • A Song of Ice and Fire Series George RR Martin
  • My Sweet Audrina VC Andrews
  • Sapphique Catherine Fisher

Little Denim Dress

I found the most amazing denim dress the other day and I knew I had to have it in my shop. I brought it with me for my photo session with Priscilla the other day and I'm really happy with how much better it looks on! Much thanks Priscilla, again, for being my fabulous model. 

Shoes/Forever 21


Meet Priscilla

Alright, you guys! I want you to meet one of the coolest people I have met in my short 20 years of living. Her name is Priscilla and she's one of my best friends! She is going to be my new petite/small size model for my shop. 

When I opened up my shop I noticed that the biggest percentage of buyers were size small and I wanted to take advantage of that by offering my followers options that could suit them as well. I had the idea of having someone model the clothes to make it more appealing to my customers and instantly knew that Priscilla had to be my model. Why? Because she's gorgeous! :)

My shop is currently exclusively on Poshmark which is a smartphone app where you can purchase new and used clothing items for a discounted price. I will now be offering selected modeled items on that site so if you see something you like, you should definitely check it out! :)

My User ID is: tinycanary

Dress/Forever21 (on my poshmark shop)
Shoes/Forever21, Dupe 1


Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately for me, there was a huge dirt/rain storm so we were stuck inside for halloween. We only got a handful of trick or treaters which means we had a ton of leftover candy (which I'm completely okay with). We had a few friends over and chatted and that was about it for my halloween!

I hope your Halloween was great!

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