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The other day I was talking about music to my boyfriend and he surprised me by saying "You mainly listen to female artists." I never really thought about it before, but it was true. I never really thought about it until recently but in the end I wasn't embarrassed about it. Just like genres, people tend to gravitate toward certain ones because they like the sound of them. Now, obviously I listen to male artists as well, but again, it's all preference.

In a way, listening to female artists is empowering and very inspirational to me. To see women express themselves musically and to be largely successful is still something still unseen of when it comes to indie musicians. Even if females were to become famous, they're fame declines much quicker than say, a male lead band or musician.

I like to consider myself an artist as well, and surrounding myself with female musicians really does bring out my creative fluids (not quite sure how else to word it :p ). Although my specialty is more on pen and paper, we are all in the end just women trying to do what we love and that is the biggest inspiration to me.

If you're a misogynist and are like "I don't care about your feminist rant" and just want the music, you can leave, but if you really do appreciate some good tunes, please take a look at my playlist below! I will try to add more songs too and will update as I do. :)


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