Last Minute DIY Costume: Forest Fairy

I was really looking forward to Halloween this year but unfortunately I just couldn't afford what I really wanted to be, but that didn't stop me. I went to my local goodwill for ideas and found a new pair of wings for 4 dollars and instantly I was inspired. My goal was to keep my costume under 10 dollars all while mixing what I already own with some new creative pieces. 
My next stop was the 99 cent store. A new store recently opened up just down the street and I knew that I could use something from there. Funny enough, I was drawn to the christmas aisle where they had a large display of festive fake flowers and garland. There were many different types but I really wanted wired garland so I can bend it for a crown and gold flowers for an elegant touch of color. 
For the outfit, I used a flowy white dress I already had but a large torn green tee would have worked as well. If you scroll down, you can see what I did! :) 

All together, the costume only cost me about 7/8 dollars to make! I was very happy with it too. :)

Bend wire garland into a crown to fit your head and cut off flower and leaves with pliers. Glue with a hot glue gun onto garland.

Ta da!~

I used some ribbon I had lying around to make a belt as well. I used the left over flowers and leaves and centered them on a long ribbon.


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