Last Minute DIY Costume: Forest Fairy

I was really looking forward to Halloween this year but unfortunately I just couldn't afford what I really wanted to be, but that didn't stop me. I went to my local goodwill for ideas and found a new pair of wings for 4 dollars and instantly I was inspired. My goal was to keep my costume under 10 dollars all while mixing what I already own with some new creative pieces. 
My next stop was the 99 cent store. A new store recently opened up just down the street and I knew that I could use something from there. Funny enough, I was drawn to the christmas aisle where they had a large display of festive fake flowers and garland. There were many different types but I really wanted wired garland so I can bend it for a crown and gold flowers for an elegant touch of color. 
For the outfit, I used a flowy white dress I already had but a large torn green tee would have worked as well. If you scroll down, you can see what I did! :) 


Whats In My Bag?

After my last satchel finally gave out after 9+ years, I needed another roomy bag to fit all my belongings. I've had my eye on this particular bag at Target for awhile but could never find it in me to buy it for the 40/50 dollars it retailed for. After a friend of mine suggested Poshmark, I instantly fell in love. I searched like crazy until I found this bag, brand new, for more than half of the original price.
I'll go into what Poshmark is in a future post!

3DS Case/Ebay


Sister OOTDs!

This weekend has been a great one! My family is once again reunited after a little over a year and it felt just like old times. We had to cram 9 people into some weird sleep arrangements. Regardless, it was fun, and would do it again. 
The last night we had together, we all decided to head to our local pub and enjoy a few drinks ,which also gave us a reason to dress up a bit. Because of this, I decided to feature my lovely sister, Lilia,  in todays blog post! Unfortunately, I didn't take any actual photos while at the pub but we all enjoyed outselves.


Little Bit of Panda

When I get cravings, I get them hard. Yesterday, I had the most intense craving for orange chicken that I ended up forcing Justin to go with me to get some. Of course he also really wanted some and decided to treat me to some! We went on a little date to Panda Express (I don't recall ever eating there before) and I melted at the taste of the deliciously sweet and tangy orange they had. We both ate our full plates and could barely walk afterwards.... but we made our way to look around the promenade anyway. :P 

Top/DIY Crop Top



When I'm not getting dressed up for the rare outing, I'm usually in my pjs reading or trying to do somewhat business-esque things online (online store counts, right?). There is also that 10 minute period where I have to take Justin to and from work. He almost always works midday and having strangers look in my car at 2pm with my flannel pjs on is just not what I want to deal with. So with that, I lazily get up and put on some jeans and some sneakers and head out the door.

Shirt/Gift Shop
Jeans/American Eagle

I wouldn't necessarily call this my "style" but its definitely a go-to outfit when I need to get out of the door within 2 minutes.

Youtube Music Playlist

The other day I was talking about music to my boyfriend and he surprised me by saying "You mainly listen to female artists." I never really thought about it before, but it was true. I never really thought about it until recently but in the end I wasn't embarrassed about it. Just like genres, people tend to gravitate toward certain ones because they like the sound of them. Now, obviously I listen to male artists as well, but again, it's all preference.

In a way, listening to female artists is empowering and very inspirational to me. To see women express themselves musically and to be largely successful is still something still unseen of when it comes to indie musicians. Even if females were to become famous, they're fame declines much quicker than say, a male lead band or musician.

I like to consider myself an artist as well, and surrounding myself with female musicians really does bring out my creative fluids (not quite sure how else to word it :p ). Although my specialty is more on pen and paper, we are all in the end just women trying to do what we love and that is the biggest inspiration to me.

If you're a misogynist and are like "I don't care about your feminist rant" and just want the music, you can leave, but if you really do appreciate some good tunes, please take a look at my playlist below! I will try to add more songs too and will update as I do. :)


Via Arte Date w/ OOTD

Every year our town has this cool event at our theater promenade where businesses sponsor artists to chalk-draw beautiful art pieces on the roads. Also, vendors get together and sell their goods just down the road to local artists. I made sure to always volunteer in high school, wether it was just supplying the artists or actually chalking myself. It was always a fun experience for me and I was excited when I found out it was happening again this weekend! Justin and I decided it would be awesome to use this event as a start to a cute little date. :)

This is just a sample of the dozens of chalk-art for display!

Grungy Days

A couple days ago I was on the hunt for an awesome deal on a denim jacket. One that is comfortable but can be layered over hoodies for the even chillier days, but I wasn't happy with all the 40+$ price tags I saw on them, until I found this guy. I found it while shopping around for a little cousin of mine and was in shock. How could a little girls jacket be so perfect and my size? It was also only 19$, a total steal. Needless to say, I was happy the rest of the day. ^~^


Chilly Mornings

It's finally fall, and with that comes those awesome chilly mornings we've all come to love. Oh yes... those chilly mornings with a blanket around you and a nice steaming cup of coffee warming your fingertips. You know what I'm talking about. 

Cardigan: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Tank: Forever 21
Boots: Target


Late Birthday Celebrations and a Giant Cookie

So, my sister's birthday was a half a month ago but due to her living so far away, we had to save the celebration until she finally moved back to California. For the occasion I whipped out my handy binder of recipes and pulled out one I have been saving just for an occasion like this: The Giant Cookie Cake. It took me basically all day to make, but I really wanted to make sure it was perfect (also I'm not the best baker so I'm glad I took my time with it). Needless to say, the cake was a hit and we had a small little gift exchange as well. It has been far too long since I've last seen my sister, so I'm glad she's finally back in California! ^~^

I got this cooke cake recipe from Sallys Baking Addiction. Click Here for the link!

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