Amongst the Trees. Aug 2014

Justin, my friend Mikaela and I went on a last minute trek up to the Sequoias on Monday. It was insane to say the least. We decided to go as far as we could to take full advantage of the day and luckily for us, the day we decided to go was free admission. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Lately, I haven't been posting as much, and I could list you all the excuses (must resist complaining!) but all I can say was I've been busy. While I've been busy, I've been taking care of my health and fitness as well! Most of you know that I started my fitness journey around late January/ early February after stepping on a scale and realizing how out of control I have gotten...

For a little background story... in the beginning of high school I noticed something different about me and the way I was acting. I was always tired and was putting on a lot of weight. Although I wasn't at my happiest at the time either... I also wasn't "depressed." I did go through a lot of bullying from middle school to high school, because I've always been the "fat" friend, or constantly called "lesbian" by classmates for never having a boyfriend and as much as that hurt me, I didn't let it get to me. It was the fuel to my flame, but I also didn't want to make myself seem affected by explaining to them that I couldn't help it.

I joined sports and tried staying consistently active but I kept putting on weight and I kept feeling more and more tired. Soon after that, we decided it was time we go to a doctor and check it out which was when I found out I had a really bad case of anemia (of which I still have today) so I was told to take all these Iron and b12 pills and it would help a bit. So a year went by and I was still feeling tired and was still gaining weight even though I was remaining active and eating okay. I went back to my doctor and they decided to further examine me which was when they found out I had a thyroid problem and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism.

Now for those of you who don't know, the thyroid helps control your metabolism through certain hormones (t3s or t4s) and really determines your energy level significantly. So, basically, having hypothyroidism means that my body just isn't producing enough of that hormone and in turn makes my metabolism really slow. It can also accommodate itself to changes in your diet and then slow itself down again (which is why at the time exercising and eating healthier didn't help). But after doing my own research... I found out that it can actually be reversible. So, early this year I made a deal to myself to just go all in, and I did! I'm fighting it, and from the looks of it... I'm winning! I still havent gone to a doctor to check up on my levels yet (not a fan of the doc) but I will very soon.

How did I do this? I've been cutting down on A LOT of crap. I used to love my sour candy, oh that yummy gummy goodness, but I've cut it down from once a week to once every 2-3 months (that really went with all artifical candies). That stuff is bad for you regardless, so why eat it? I've substituted my artificial sweets with real ones like bananas (my current favorite) or strawberries. I've also cut out my coffee. I went from having a cup 2-4 times a day to maybe 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I would go about 2 weeks without any! I pretty much replaced it with green and white teas and I am really loving it. While doing my research, I read that stress has a lot to do with your thyroid hormones working efficiently so I started reading, reading, reading! It's my best form of stress relief. I think I've bought more books in this half a year than I've bought in my entire life, and I couldn't have been happier! My last thing I really did, which really coincided with the de-stressing, is that I learned to enjoy being active. Instead of ALWAYS dreading working out, I made it a fun way to challenge myself.

I still supplement myself using iron, b-12 and regular daily vitamins and I haven't felt this good in a long time! I still get tired on certain days but I feel like I have SO much more energy on a day to day basis. I've also went from a wonking 155 pounds, to 130!!!! THATS 25 pounds!! Although I've had to work myself physically down extremely hard, I find it is SO worth it.

Holy cow! I sometimes get really discouraged when I look in a mirror but after comparing where I came from.... It really does give me the motivation to keep going.  If you get anything out of this, just learn that the way you look doesnt always describe your habits or who they are... Bullying someone is not the way to go! You do not know what is going on with them!

I'm thinking about going more in depth about my actually fitness routine and so on, if this actually ends up well! :) I'll try to make it fun!
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