National Running Day

Today, I found out it was national running day, Yay! I have been doing really well running these past few days so of course I was a little more inspired to do so after finding out several others were stepping out and doing the same today. There definitely was quite a bit more people out on the trails today, thats for sure. It was SO BEAUTIFUL today! I figured what better way to share with you my experience today, then through pictures!

 Justin and I went to the gym to run a few miles on the treadmill before stepping out for a hike on the trails. We usually have a set route we go on but we wanted to change things up and go through a different route and it was gorgeous. It was also shadier, so that was a plus especially as it grew hotter throughout the day

Finished off the 7 mile run/hike with a delicious snack, Yum! I hope you all feel encouraged to run today as well.


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