Big Yellow Sun

Big Yellow Sun... That's kind of what I reminded myself of today. I also was super lazy and wanted to be as comfortable as I could be since I knew I was actually going out in public and do things (ugh... things). I've also been really liking not wearing a lot of makeup and embracing my bare skin and all that shibang. It actually has been clearing up my skin and I LOVE it! 

PS. I cut my hair. :)

Dress: Target
Bag: Fossil
Sandals: Hoy Saltwater
Necklace: Unknown (Dupes on THIS blog post)
Sunglasses: Target

Meow ^~^


Bit of a lazy day

I had a good day today.


To tha mall!

Yesterday was a good day for me! I didn't really plan on doing anything but I got a text from a friend of mine to go do a quick spree at the mall so quickly I said yes. I wasn't planning on spending much money, so it was more just time to catch up which was definitely much needed. The outfit was definitely comfortable and affordable!

Shirt: Recycled from unknown
Jeans: American Eagle jeggings
Boots: GoJane
Glasses: Prescription Kenneth Cole


National Running Day

Today, I found out it was national running day, Yay! I have been doing really well running these past few days so of course I was a little more inspired to do so after finding out several others were stepping out and doing the same today. There definitely was quite a bit more people out on the trails today, thats for sure. It was SO BEAUTIFUL today! I figured what better way to share with you my experience today, then through pictures!

 Justin and I went to the gym to run a few miles on the treadmill before stepping out for a hike on the trails. We usually have a set route we go on but we wanted to change things up and go through a different route and it was gorgeous. It was also shadier, so that was a plus especially as it grew hotter throughout the day

Finished off the 7 mile run/hike with a delicious snack, Yum! I hope you all feel encouraged to run today as well.


Some more Pinterst fashion inspiration

For those of you who follow me on pinterest, you are looking into my ultimate fashion outlet and with that comes tons of great outfit ideas and inspirations. Having recently acquired an ipad, I have been spending quite a bit more time on pinterest... I am slightly embarrassed by the amount of time I spend on there actually, but it is just so darn fun! So many people have great style that I can't help but to appreciate them.

You'll see a pattern with these photos, like I don't know... STRIPES! I'm obsessed. Stripes can dress down or make an outfit a bit more fun simply by giving the eye a simple pattern to look at. Another big thing I've been loving lately have been midi skirts and dresses. I'm a little uncomfortable wearing shorts or mini skirts so the midi is PERFECT. It has that casual beachiness vibe and with a thin fabric, it can be just as breathable and comfortable! It also gives a very vintage-y feel.

Again with the stripes! I can't say enough. Theyre just so fun! Pair that with a t-shirt dress and you get the best casual outing outfit. Pair it with a leather jacket and boots and you get a perfect edgy outfit, or pair it with some sandals and boho jewelry and its completely different style! Definitely on my list of must haves this summer.
I put this dress up mainly for the pattern. Its so dang cute! But another reason why is because of the fitting and the cut. Its a modest v cut dress that cinches in at the waist. Its so flattering! Especially with the dainty jewelry paired with it, it really does make it the ultimate feminine summer picnic outfit. 

Boat hats? = SUMMER! and shhhhhade!

So to sum up todays pinterest fashion inspo blog... stripes, t-shirt dresses, flowy skirts and ribbon tied boat hats. Also, follow me on pinterest for links to all these awesome outfits and more fashion!

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