What does your room say about you?

We can all agree that a persons room defines who they are. I mean... unless you're living in a place where they don't allow you to do anything to the walls or anything like that, then I guess maybe you can't fullllllyyyy express yourself, but for the most of us, it really is a mirror of who we are. I'm usually always really particular about my room but some days I really just don't care about how it looks and then really soon after I want to change the whole appearance of it. That goes with everything in my life really.
As I grow older, I really begin to appreciate the small things and as I wake up every morning I smile at all the things around me. All the hand-me-downs and DIYs I made to make my room my own, it makes my room ME. Wether its the magazine cutout poster I made in the 7th grade or the new-to-me cheval floor mirror I got last month, everything about this room reflects who I am and I love it. 

What does my room say about me? But most importantly, what does your room say about you?


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