Good hair days and even better books

I'm pretty sure you can tell by my previous hair post that I have been feeling super happy about my hair, in fact... I've had a natural/product free GOOD HAIR DAY! It hardly looks as damaged as it did before and Im just so happy with how soft and smooth it feels today. It also has grown so much, I am so incredibly stoked on it! BUTTT..... I am a hair cutting addict so who knows if that is really gonna last. Regardless, I will enjoy it while it lasts!

In other unrelated news, I have been reading like a MAD MAN lately! I am currently reading 3 books and if you were to ask "Dalisse, why don't you just read one at a time so you can finish it faster and move on to the next one?" I would tell you that I get mega burned out on books because I read so much of one at a time that I have to take a break from reading that book and continue reading another. I'm not sure why that happens but it is pretty much that way about everything in my life. Currently I am reading, Enders Game, The Time Traveler's Wife and Flowers in the Attic. I really have no preference between these three because in my opinion they're equally good so far. Not the best books I've read, but I would still recommend them! I've only just started Flowers in the Attic and Time Travelers Wife, being only 1/4 of the way in, but I'm over half way into Enders Game! They also all have movies so I'm really happy about that! Yay!
I'd also like to think I got my boyfriend into reading since in the yearish time we've been together, his book collection expanded significantly. He'll probably disagree but shh, ;P.

Check these books out and feel free to give me recommendations!

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