Hair Update #2

A couple months ago I made a post about my hair care which is still, by far, the most viewed post I have on my blog so I figured now is a great time to give you all a little update! I have changed up my routine a little bit but I still haven't added anything new. Lately, I have been doing a lot LESS to my hair throughout the weeks because my other hair regimen just worked so well. Link to that post here. Now, all I do is just shampoo, condition and apply very little coconut oil to my front layers (instead of all over) since they were by far the most damaged. I also have been taking my vitamins every day (yay!) and I notice the difference! I alwaaaaaays forget to take my vitamins but I can really see the results when I see how long my hair has grown from the last time I did a post like this! Here are the pictures! :)

This picture ^^ was taken December 10th of 2013. As you can see my hair is extremely coarse and lifeless. Booo, not a cute look Dalisse.

This is my hair today, on April 2nd. Much shinier! Overall it has grown about 3 and a half inches since my december post, so that is about an inch for every month!

So, I don't have any close up pictures at all really of how damaged my hair was when I started this process but this is the best one I can find. If you zoom in you can see that is basically looks like straw and the frizz on the right just looks like total crap. Super ugly! 

Here's how it looks today by just taking overall good care of my hair! I have added shine, more bounce and it just looks healthier! I still have  long way to go, but I'm super happy with it so far.


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