Updates and a Mixed Range of Emotions

I've been super duper into instagram and just taking photos on my phone in general so of course you can just expect a large folder of photo editing apps on my iphone. I unfortunately haven't been able to photograph anything for the blog since my SD card for my Nikon broke (under mysterious circumstances) but I recently found a smaller spaced SD card while scavenging my room so expect more soon! Anyway, as for iphone apps a complete MUST is "Afterlight." Although it is a paid app, it is well worth it with all its customizable features and such. Plus, what is a couple dollars to people who worked their butt off to give you the app in the first place? A recent favorite of mine, I have no idea what it's called but its a bunch of characters and "cute." So, for those of you who tend to over-kawai their photos, you probably know what I'm talking about. I'll try to post the app name as soon as I can figure out how!

Anyway, isn't this so cute?! I was just testing out its features with this, so you can really just do as you will with how overboard you want to go!

ANOTHER FAVORITE OF MINE! I have been eyeing Hoy's Saltwater Sandal for the past 6-8 months and FINALLY, the red has come back in stock! I managed to steal myself some red ones on amazon for a wonking 25$! Thats almost half off the original price. For those of you also in love with the style of these, make sure to check amazon first. ONE COMPLAINT about these those, which is more my fault than anything is that theyre a teeeeeny bit too small. I am typically a 7.5 in womens and decided to think ahead with stretching and ordered a 7 but after a couple hours of wear, my feet were in pain. Hopefully my stupidity soon pays off and these sandals stretch like others say they do!

So, here comes the bad news. My first pet, Pixel, has gotten really ill these past couple months and it is really taking a toll on him. In early February I took him to the vet after he refused to eat and poop. We found out his heartbeat was erratic and he was extremely dehydrated and so we put him on an IV and some antibiotics. Now a whole month later, he seems to not improve. I took him to the vet again for his annual shots when the vet told me of his heart murmur and heavy/stressed breathing. Again he was dehydrated so we put him on an IV and left him for the day. After some xrays, we found out that he has a build up of fluid in his lungs and that it is pushing his heart towards him spine which explains his erratic breathing. As for the heart murmur, we need an echo to be done soon to figure out the severity of it. 

Laying with him in bed now just makes me really cherish the time I have with him. He is my first real pet and I spent a long time of my life raising him and loving him so to see him so sick breaks my heart. It would honestly kill me to know we can't do anything to help him, or much less to know we can't AFFORD to help him. I'm just really upset and want to make my kitty happy and healthy again.

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