Mini Haul!

I decided to do a little retail therapy yesterday, and by little I really only mean like 12 dollars but hey, whatever makes you happy right?

I woke up feeling like total crap yesterday, so I slept in as much as I could. As I was in bed, I was searching facebook and on there I saw some pictures posted from my local used bookstore showing all the new books posted and obviously, first come, first serve, so I got my sick little butt up, put some pants on and drove. Turns out sundays are pretty much the most crowded days and I could hardly get through the store but I managed to swipe some books I saw and made my way out, and quickly. All only for a little over 6 dollars!

A little later, my boyfriend and I went to target and I honestly can't tell you the last time I went to target and HAVEN'T looked at the makeup. We made it to the NYX section (can you believe they FINALLY put a NYX section??! YES!!) and I was swooped in. I couldn't decide on what to get, but just decided on a bunch of coral goodies. I picked up yet ANOTHER lipgloss in the color "Nude Peach." And it matches my nail polish! Fun!

Pretty much right next to the NYX section, I saw a rather large section of Baby Lips and was sucked in. I heard Nikki Philipi talking about them on youtube and saw how great they looked on her, so I decided to pick myself up one. Although there is literally no pigmentation coming off on me, it is surprisingly hydrating. More so than my favorite basic blue Chapstick brand chapstick! This is definitely going to become my go to night time chapstick or for moisturizing when I'm planning on using matte lip products. I'm not quite sure if I can let go of my daytime Chapstick quite yet!

As for my nail polish, it looks like it matches my lipgloss but it only really does when, it's been dried because for some reason, nail polish seems to darken or just change colors entirely when top coats have been applied. I wanted to love this nail polish, but on me, I feel like its too dark of a pink and it just makes my hands look a little muddy. I feel like this would be a great color for darker skin tones! The color is "Soul Mate" by Sinful Colors.

That's pretty much all I got, but I was pretty excited to get a couple fun items! ^~^ Plus who doesnt like Coral?!

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