I went shopping in the Camarillo outlets with my sister and her friend Kristen in the search of killer deals. Although we did manage to find a couple things, I wish I would've found more! I have such a picky taste that I almost ruin it for myself. I am really particular about how something fits on me that I just because really bummed out, BUT my sister and Kristen managed to find some really awesome things. 
On the road back north we got stuck in 6 hours traffic on the i5 and it was just horrible. It was supposed to take 2 hours and it took a wopping 6. I was pulling my hair out/ dying by the time we actually arrived home. We also had expected the accident from earlier in the day (which we saw really in the morning driving down) to be cleared by the time we left at night but it was just back up even worse than before. Regardless of all the traffic, I still had fun.

Shirt: Kohls
Jacket: gift/unknown
Jeans: Target
Boots: Doc Martens
Bag: Target


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