Valentines Day '14

Valentines Day for me this year was emotional, but in a good way! Not only was it the BEST valentines day I've had, but it was also the only one I've celebrated (does that give me the right to still say it was the best?)!! Anyway, it was basically just a bunch of eating sweets and such but for the sake of privacy, I'd like to keep SOME of my life off the internet, right?! Anyway, heres a summary in photos...

I definitely baked my a** off this valentines day! A dozen cupcakes, a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and a couple of heart shaped brownies. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO RECEIVE THAT?!

Dress: Hollister (I got it as a gift when I was younger, and I've always thought it was pretty)
Shoes: American Eagle Link 1
Bag: Unknown

So, overall, valentines day for me was pretty darn amazing! Lots of smooches and sweet treats and all that lovey dovey stuff. I hope you had a lovely time this valentines day wether you had a valentine or not! :) Have a good day lovelies!


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