My Weight Loss Journey So Far!

These past 4/5 months have been ridiculous for me.... I have gained an incredible amount of weight and my insecurities were at an all time high. I have always been kind of bigger (and quite frankly, bullied all my life for it), but within these past couple months I noticed myself get out of hand. I knew I had to put an end to my crazy eating habits ASAP. I also wanted to prove everybody wrong.

So, I think it's about time to share my progress so far with how my weight loss is going! I started eating more healthy around December of last year but mid January I kind of realized that I was unhappy eating entirely "healthy" foods. I wanted to lose weight eating the things I love! So, thats what I did. I swapped out the occasional brownie for a salad or lowfat/lowcarb yogurt and maintained a steady exercise routine. I can't tell you any secrets of losing weight because I honestly don't have any. I still eat what I want to eat, just not as often. I've found ways to make salads taste good and found other foods at the stores that I wouldn't usually pick up, like soups or fish. Here's my month progress summed up:

I started actually working out about mid January. By working out I mean actually sweating my ass off and using every bit of force I can until I just can't. I actually quite enjoy running so I've been primarily just doing that. I've been running around 4-6 miles a day, which for me averages at about an hour to an hour fifteen minutes a day. I've just recently within the past week or two started incorporating some muscle workouts to strengthen my core and speed up the fitness process. The reason I didnt start doing that at first was because I was just really unhealthy. I couldn't even breath and I just wanted to get that out of the way before I started to actually challenge myself. The first picture shown was at my heaviest I HAVE EVER BEEN!!! I was really unhappy with myself and I wanted to change that immediately. I weighed a whopping 157 pounds and at 5'2", I was extremely overweight. 

A lot of people have asked me "How do have the motivation to work out?" and honestly I don't. I hate gathering the energy to get up and use even more energy, but I've learned of a way to avoid that. I start exercising before my mind has time to even complain and once I start, I usually am glad I did. I've also noticed a complete lack of hydration on my part so I've been drinking EXTRA water to make up for everything being lost. Nothing like a cute water bottle to remind you to drink more!

So now that it has been about a month of solid working out, I decided to weigh myself today and I came out to 144. Thats a whopping 13 pounds from my starting date!!! It makes my goal of 135 a positive and achievable one, thats for sure! I hope this encourages you all to get up and work hard!


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