A Bowling Felt Hat

On my curtain rod I have hanging a ton of hats. Everyday when I open my curtains, these said hats just kind of fall on the ground but I have no other place to put them so instinctively, I put them back up on the rod. TODAAAYY, the same thing happened but instead of putting it back on the rod, I felt inspired to actually weeearrr them! I put on the hat and couple of other items in my closet that have had the same neglected attention and put a together a little sumthin sumthin. I actually felt realllly comfortable today, but since I was gifted (more like cursed, really) with a large bust I feel like the dress kind of accentuates that, and for those who know me know I kind of try to smush those bad guys as small as I can, but no matter what I try with this dress, my bussoms just look ginormous! I grabbed the bulkiest scarf in my collection and bam, no mo problemo. Kind of balanced the whole thing out.

Hat: (Target?)
Scarf: F21
Dress: F21
Socks: My moms closet. (;D)
Shoes: Doc Martens


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