My boyfriend and I were at my house one day and we were just thinking of how weve never really gone a trip just us two before. It started out with us talking about how cliche the beach would be and eventually, we both settled on the mountains. The closest and most beautiful place was clear, the Sequoia National Park. We did our research consistently for two solid days and left on the third. It was really strange for there to be no snow at this time of year up there and I was kinda of nervous about carrying chains since I didn't own any but decided to leave anyway and it was AMAZING! There was no snow on the way up (although there was snow on the ground in some places) and was immediately taken aback. I have never been camping really or surrounded by nature so this was an entirely new experience for me, and as cheesy as it sounds, sharing it with Justin was like the cherry on top. I guess I'll stop rambling now so you guys can enjoy the beautiful pictures we took!


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