Let Me Tell You a Story About Oreos...

About two/three weeks ago we had a special little surprise running around in our back yard. It was a tiny kitten that looked like it could have been a whole two weeks old. I have another cat, Pixel, who is both indoor and outdoor so we could only assume the reason it was able to come into our BACKyard was that he was following him through the gap in which he usually uses to get out of our yard. It was around 6am when my mom opens my door and excitedly says "Dalisse, look what your father and I found!" and I jumped up and saw this pitiful looking kitten caked in dirt and fleas sitting on our floor. Just by examining it, I could tell it was SEVERELY undernourished. All it's bones were sticking out immensely and it was just traumatized by everything. 

We immediately took to feeding it, which it ate an entire can of wet food in minutes and then bathed it... twice to remove all the fleas and dirt. There were seriously DOZENS of fleas all over this little guy and after much cleaning (of the entire house as well, don't want those suckers breeding) he was finally starting to look like a kitty! Due to the condition we found him in, we didn't really bother looking too hard for any owners. If he had belonged to someone prior, obviously they didn't take good care of him at all. The picture above is of the day we got him and after I bathed him. The dirt on his nose was very difficult to get off, so I decided to just gradually remove it over time so I wouldnt injure his little nose.

The day after we found him we took him to the vet only to find out hes not the original 2/3 weeks I thought and was actually 5/6 weeks but due to him being malnourished, he was not able to properly grow and develop as other kitties his age might. We found out he had a nasty tummy infection which had him pooping diarrhea everywhere (nasty I know) but got antibiotics to help the little guy out.

Now it's been a couple weeks since we got him now and we're lucky to say he's a survivor. I wasn't expecting him to actually make it so far along considering how bad he was when he arrived in our home and the unfortunate luck of others who tried to help other kittens out as well. He now has a chubby little belly and a clean little nose and his stomach issues seemed to have calmed down a bit. Now he just has a new problem... My older cat, Pixel! His jealousy is crazy and chases him everywhere to attack him. Although I'm not too sure wether hes being a little too rough playing or if my little baby kitty is just traumatized and doesnt know what's happening, I have no idea, but I'm a sucker for his little death shrills and have to end it immediately.

My family isn't really creative with names either, well at least my parents arent... so we had to ask my brother for a good name to name this little guy. My brother did a good job naming our other cat so we figured he should name this cat (so as not to hurt the parents feelings with their odd name suggestions) and he went for Oreo! Since that is both a delicious snack and an appropriate name for this dual colored kitten I figured that would be good enough for us!

Here is the little guy today looking extra fluffy, extra chubby and extra happy. He definitely has brought this family closer and I can't wait to see our family grow bigger with him!


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