A Brief Catch Up (Maybe Not So Brief...)

I've been trying super hard to get in shape recently, and no not like last time. I tried to do pilates but I simply felt like it was not challenging enough (I'm not saying it wasn't challenging though!). I wanted more rigorous workouts that had me sweating more (a lot more). I've have also cut back on my eating as well. Not as many calories and little to no carbs. It definitely sucks, but I can feel myself getting used to it. I've been on this routine for about two weeks now and have been running and lifting weights for a little under that time as well.

I kind of had a wake up call when I stepped on the scale after new years and realized I had gained a whole 15 pounds. I wanted to catch myself before it was too late so I decided to get serious. I went on amazon and got some nice new kicks (Asics).

I know they aren't 150 dollar nikes, but they had really high reviews and they had nice gel insoles to help absorb any high impact which is really good for my knees. I've had them for a couple days and have run about 2-4 miles in them and they are very very comfortable! 

I also had no workout pants so I had to get some cheap ones at forever 21. After buying those shoes I didn't have too much to work with so I figured I should give the f21 activewear a go. I went with my friend Mikaela to the mall to go check them out and I was pleasantly surprised and how nice they felt! 

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a walk the next morning and I felt like that was a good time to test out the new pants! They held up fabulously on the whole 3.5 mile trip. We usually walk more but we weren't too comfortable or knowledgable on the route we were going. Such a nice walk!

I've also been reading a poop load! I have replaced playing games for reading these past two/ three weeks but I'm getting pretty longing for them again. I have been reading Game of Thrones and for the life of me I just can't finish that book quickly! I am almost done but I figured I should start another book in the mean time to spice things up in the mean time. The book I'm currently reading now is Sarahs Key and its pretty good! Already the first couple pages and I'm super anxious! I must know more!

Also, my kitties being cute.

Heres a for fun picture of the drawing I did on Justins arm. He had shown me a picture of a tattoo he thought was really cool and I was inspired to do a similar one on his arm. I was really proud of it. :) 

ALSO HERES MAH NEW FURRY FRIEND OREO! We found him in our back yard following my older kitty Pixel around. A story later on him. :)


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