My boyfriend and I were at my house one day and we were just thinking of how weve never really gone a trip just us two before. It started out with us talking about how cliche the beach would be and eventually, we both settled on the mountains. The closest and most beautiful place was clear, the Sequoia National Park. We did our research consistently for two solid days and left on the third. It was really strange for there to be no snow at this time of year up there and I was kinda of nervous about carrying chains since I didn't own any but decided to leave anyway and it was AMAZING! There was no snow on the way up (although there was snow on the ground in some places) and was immediately taken aback. I have never been camping really or surrounded by nature so this was an entirely new experience for me, and as cheesy as it sounds, sharing it with Justin was like the cherry on top. I guess I'll stop rambling now so you guys can enjoy the beautiful pictures we took!


Beachwear in January?

For the people that live in SoCal, you know how warm it's been lately. In fact, I'm actually pretty angry with the weather! It's winter dang it! Anyway, this weather has given me a chance to dress a little freely lately and I pulled out my maxis and my cardigan and went out the door. Also, I dyed my hair back to my natural color! Well... actually it's more like a shade or two darker but the bleach underneath seriously does not take to the dye so I kind of had to take the risk, and I kind of love it since it's already kind of washing out to my natural color.

Dress: Thirfted
Cardigan: Thrifted
Belt: F21
Flippys: Charlotte Russe

Hehe, sorry for the dumb pose, but I am so extremely awkward in front of the camera that I just don't know what to do with myself!


Let Me Tell You a Story About Oreos...

About two/three weeks ago we had a special little surprise running around in our back yard. It was a tiny kitten that looked like it could have been a whole two weeks old. I have another cat, Pixel, who is both indoor and outdoor so we could only assume the reason it was able to come into our BACKyard was that he was following him through the gap in which he usually uses to get out of our yard. It was around 6am when my mom opens my door and excitedly says "Dalisse, look what your father and I found!" and I jumped up and saw this pitiful looking kitten caked in dirt and fleas sitting on our floor. Just by examining it, I could tell it was SEVERELY undernourished. All it's bones were sticking out immensely and it was just traumatized by everything. 

We immediately took to feeding it, which it ate an entire can of wet food in minutes and then bathed it... twice to remove all the fleas and dirt. There were seriously DOZENS of fleas all over this little guy and after much cleaning (of the entire house as well, don't want those suckers breeding) he was finally starting to look like a kitty! Due to the condition we found him in, we didn't really bother looking too hard for any owners. If he had belonged to someone prior, obviously they didn't take good care of him at all. The picture above is of the day we got him and after I bathed him. The dirt on his nose was very difficult to get off, so I decided to just gradually remove it over time so I wouldnt injure his little nose.

The day after we found him we took him to the vet only to find out hes not the original 2/3 weeks I thought and was actually 5/6 weeks but due to him being malnourished, he was not able to properly grow and develop as other kitties his age might. We found out he had a nasty tummy infection which had him pooping diarrhea everywhere (nasty I know) but got antibiotics to help the little guy out.

Now it's been a couple weeks since we got him now and we're lucky to say he's a survivor. I wasn't expecting him to actually make it so far along considering how bad he was when he arrived in our home and the unfortunate luck of others who tried to help other kittens out as well. He now has a chubby little belly and a clean little nose and his stomach issues seemed to have calmed down a bit. Now he just has a new problem... My older cat, Pixel! His jealousy is crazy and chases him everywhere to attack him. Although I'm not too sure wether hes being a little too rough playing or if my little baby kitty is just traumatized and doesnt know what's happening, I have no idea, but I'm a sucker for his little death shrills and have to end it immediately.

My family isn't really creative with names either, well at least my parents arent... so we had to ask my brother for a good name to name this little guy. My brother did a good job naming our other cat so we figured he should name this cat (so as not to hurt the parents feelings with their odd name suggestions) and he went for Oreo! Since that is both a delicious snack and an appropriate name for this dual colored kitten I figured that would be good enough for us!

Here is the little guy today looking extra fluffy, extra chubby and extra happy. He definitely has brought this family closer and I can't wait to see our family grow bigger with him!


I Saw It On Pinterest: Zucchini Pizza Bites

Lately, within this past month I've been trying to eat super healthy and I've been doing a dang good job if you ask me. Like I said before, I have been on pinterest like crazy recently and it has not failed my healthy eating at all. I have a bunch of friends that are also health junkies and share amazing recipes and the Food and Drink boards are just AMAZING and inspiring. I have been craving some pizza for awhile now (who doesn't?) and saw these super simple bites that are both yummy looking and inexpensive! I just want to use this time to say eating healthy is not expensive. It really isnt. It is also one of the easiest things you can do. I have learned that my whining about my weight and disinterest of healthy food takes more of my energy than actually trying things out. AND during the process I have actually learned to love it all! So, here is my feeble attempt at making a delicious healthy alternative snack.

I am by no means a cook so this should be easy enough for everyone to do!
The recipe found is here:

Now, I did have to make do with my laziness and instead of grilling I just used a plain old pan and it works all the same. I lightly oiled and cooked! Also, I used thicker chunks of cheese so it took a bit longer to melt but it was essentially the same.
The whole thing took about 7 minutes MAX to make and it was definitely delicious! 



I got a new camera the other day so I decided to take a trip with Justin to the lake and test it out! Needless to say, I'm still working out  how to lay out my ootds, but I will soon find a way where it won't look so... I dont know, sloppy? I'm loving the camera though! Expect a lot more blogging!

Cardigan: f21
Boots: Target
Dress: Romwe
Bag: Target

And a picture of my lovely. <3

Theres a ton more ducks lately than there were last season! It was pretty cool seeing the lake so lively!


A Brief Catch Up (Maybe Not So Brief...)

I've been trying super hard to get in shape recently, and no not like last time. I tried to do pilates but I simply felt like it was not challenging enough (I'm not saying it wasn't challenging though!). I wanted more rigorous workouts that had me sweating more (a lot more). I've have also cut back on my eating as well. Not as many calories and little to no carbs. It definitely sucks, but I can feel myself getting used to it. I've been on this routine for about two weeks now and have been running and lifting weights for a little under that time as well.

I kind of had a wake up call when I stepped on the scale after new years and realized I had gained a whole 15 pounds. I wanted to catch myself before it was too late so I decided to get serious. I went on amazon and got some nice new kicks (Asics).

I know they aren't 150 dollar nikes, but they had really high reviews and they had nice gel insoles to help absorb any high impact which is really good for my knees. I've had them for a couple days and have run about 2-4 miles in them and they are very very comfortable! 

I also had no workout pants so I had to get some cheap ones at forever 21. After buying those shoes I didn't have too much to work with so I figured I should give the f21 activewear a go. I went with my friend Mikaela to the mall to go check them out and I was pleasantly surprised and how nice they felt! 

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a walk the next morning and I felt like that was a good time to test out the new pants! They held up fabulously on the whole 3.5 mile trip. We usually walk more but we weren't too comfortable or knowledgable on the route we were going. Such a nice walk!

I've also been reading a poop load! I have replaced playing games for reading these past two/ three weeks but I'm getting pretty longing for them again. I have been reading Game of Thrones and for the life of me I just can't finish that book quickly! I am almost done but I figured I should start another book in the mean time to spice things up in the mean time. The book I'm currently reading now is Sarahs Key and its pretty good! Already the first couple pages and I'm super anxious! I must know more!

Also, my kitties being cute.

Heres a for fun picture of the drawing I did on Justins arm. He had shown me a picture of a tattoo he thought was really cool and I was inspired to do a similar one on his arm. I was really proud of it. :) 

ALSO HERES MAH NEW FURRY FRIEND OREO! We found him in our back yard following my older kitty Pixel around. A story later on him. :)


A Little Floral

Ive been super into floral patterns lately. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe I'm attracted to the delicacy of the flower itself, or perhaps the way it can make anything look dainty. I'm not quite sure. Either way, I snagged up this dress a couple days ago and fell in love. Its a very stretchy dress which makes it super comfortable and theres an open v back which will look lovely in summer!

Dress: f21
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes :American Eagle
Necklace: F21
Rose Gold watch: Fossil


Holidays and the New Year!

 For Christmas, unfortunately, my family was away in Utah which left me all alone to celebrate Christmas! That is until my wonderful boyfriend invited me to his families celebrations and I had a BLAST. Great food, good people and all that jazz.

For Christmas Eve I went casual, with the shirt and cardigan over some jeans.~

Cardigan & Shirt: F21
Flats: American Eagle
Pants: Target

I figured I would include my face of the day too, since somedays I actually wear makeup and try to look nice! Eyeliner by Revlon.

And for Christmas Day, I dressed it up a bit and revamped an old outfit with a new scarf (thanks sister, I found this in your old closet, teehee) 

Cardigan: H&M
Scarf: Unknown
Dress: F21

Unfortunately, no pictures were taken on New Years, which made this whole thing a little anti-climactic, but it is what it is! 

I hope your holidays and New Year were amazing, mine definitely were!


A Little Bit TMI and A Whole Lot Scary

Since this blog has mainly been about fashion and the cool places I've been, I've figured now is a good time to share a little bit about myself and what is going on with me on a more personal level.

About 6 or 7 months ago I got a phone call from my gynecologist telling me that I have to come in to the office immediately. I had gone for my annual the year before but my family went through some insurance changes and was unable to receive any of the result paperwork or even go back to see her. She had told me on the phone that it was shocking that I haven't come in because in the results it said that my cervix was acting really unusually and that they needed to have a biopsy to confirm if it was cancer. When I got the phone call, I was with a close friend of mine and I pretty much just cried my eyes out.... I have always been really healthy and cancer is pretty much as bad as it gets.

So, quickly my boyfriend volunteers to drive me down to get the biopsy and I get the call to come back a little less than a week later. I already knew what she was going to say since doctors never really call so soon unless the news is bad. She told me that I was born with an abnormal cervix that already contained cells of forming cancer. Of course she showed me the charts and said that most people born with this same thing have lower active cells and usually don't have to worry about it, but as she showed me where I am, she pointed to the highest the chart could go.

As for the stage of cancer I'm in, I'm lucky to have caught it so early. The cells were still forming, but being so young and already having such far along results means that my particular cervix forms its cells quicker than most people so as a means of my first treatment, she sent me to take cervical cancer preventatives to help slow down the process (I can only assume since my gyn is a terrible communicator). Along side that I had to go into a cervical wall shaving, where they had to scrape the surface layer in hopes to get some if not all the abnormal cells out.

But what sucks more than anything about this whole thing, is the fact that I have to go through this alone. I'm embarrassed to talk about it because let's be honest, people don't know how to react when I say "I have vagina cancer!" I have had no one to talk to about it except for my boyfriend, who has been to every appointment, bless him. I just feel so alone. I can only imagine what people with even more terminal illnesses feel going through this.... It just really sucks having this immense fear and feeling like you're trapped in a corner because no one cares. Its reality. My life is not anyone elses, so why should they care? I don't blame them. It just sucks I guess, to not have anyone.

My next check up is on Jan 6th! Wish me luck readers!

(Please note that I am no doctor and all this information is based of average civilian interpretation)
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