Merry Christmas!

This Christmas has been such a good one for my family. We all were finally reunited again after being apart for so long and took the time to do some family bonding. We had great wine, even better food and many, many laughs. Although some of us were sick, we did still manage to have a fun and enjoyable Christmas! We opened presents and played games on Christmas Eve and celebrated with foods (which took all evening to prepare) on Christmas day. 

From my family to yours,
Merry Christmas!


Warm Holiday



DIY Garland Wreath

 Unfortunately, my last two posts got deleted so I've had to repost them again! Anyway, here is my DIY garland wreath... again! 

What You Need

2 nine feet piece of garland (I chose green and a gold/silver mix)

1 piece or wired garland, at least 20 inches

1 bow



Hot Glue


All the supplies only cost me around 6$ at my local dollar store!

First, bend the wired garland into the shape you want your wreath to be. Once you have the shape, twist the ends of the wire secure so that the two ends stay attached. Start wrapping the base color garland around the wire. You will notice that you will have gaps the first cycle but as you make another rotation, it is easy to cover those bits up for a fuller wreath look. Tuck the ends of the garland into each other so that they become secured.

Once you wrapped your base color, go ahead and add your accent color in the same manner. I only wanted a little bit of the color to peek through so I only used about 1/2 to 3/4 of the colored garland after evenly spacing them around the wreath. Tuck the ends of the garland into each other once more.

 When you're done you should have something like this

Next up is to add the bow! 

  Make sure that the bow you are using has some sort of twist tie attached through the center so that it has something to tie around the wreath. If you do not have the wire, just use string! It works just as good.

At the top of your wreath, start twisting the wire attached to your bow around the wreath. Make sure it is tightly secured as you do not want your bow falling off.

You should be left with a beautiful bow afterwards! At this time you could either glue or string on some ornaments to your wreath. Enjoy!

The Christmas Tag

As I grow older the excitement for Christmas is fading and instead is replaced by the anxious feeling of wondering wether or not the gifts I have chosen for those I love will be liked. More than anything now that most of my family has moved out, the excitement comes when we are finally together at last. In the end isn't the reunion better than the celebration? (unless you're one of the decreasing few that actually acknowledge what Christmas really is). Putting Christmas decorations up is just a constant reminder that soon enough we will all be a happy family once again.

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie?

I'm not really one for Christmas movies but I know that the famous Elf movie is something I can constantly watch over and over. The Nightmare Before Christmas is another good one I like to watch since it brings back such good memories of my childhood (although creepy ones).

2. Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

I guess growing up in a latino household we always did Christmas a little differently. Depending on how we felt (how tired our parents were) we opened our presents early Christmas Eve evening but when it is just our immediate family we always try to open them on midnight onto Christmas day.

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

I'm not great at remembering things from my past (why I have been cursed with this short-term memory loss, I'm not quite sure) but the one thing I remember as a child is the thrill of the surprise. Not knowing what I was going to get was the best part of the whole event. Now, since we are all much older, money is usually the way we go if we are not certain what someone might like.

4. What is your favorite festive food?

We always try to make a feast for Christmas and most of the time it is different every year, but I would have to just say that generally my favorite food to have around the holidays are stuffing and mashed potatoes YUM! Also, having sugar cookies really fulfill my sweet tooth for the end of the year, especially if they look all fun and festive!

5. Favorite Christmas gift?

Oh gosh, this one is pretty obvious... MY LAPTOP! I was out of a computer for quite a long time before I finally got my macbook air a few Christmases ago. Ever since I have received this laptop I have not had a day go by that I haven't used it wether it be editing, blogging or catching up on some youtube or new articles. This is my baby.

6. Favorite Christmas scent?

People that know me are probably laughing at reading this question. I have born without having the ability to smell so this question is pretty much void. I really try to gather general agreements on the scents I purchase for the house, so definitely Woodsy Fireplaces smells and Sweet Baking scents for sure!

7. Do you have Christmas Eve traditions?

We don't really have any traditions because every year something comes up wether it be a job or 
the inability to be here but the thing we do on several Christmases is to get dressed in our pjs and open present at midnight while we take really dorky pictures with the items that we get.

8. What tops your tree?

For almost my entire life we have always topped our tree with an angel, but over the years, that angel has just been so worn out that lately we've been using a large glitter bow near the top of the tree. 

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

Probably a pet... For my entire life my parents have had a very stern answer to that. NO! It wasn't until I was and adult that I just happened to bring home a kitten that my parents and siblings fell in love. I don't quite know now how we ever lived without my little Pixel-bear.

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?

The best part about Christmas is finally having my entire family all together again. Now that my family is finally off and far away working, nothing is better than having the family home again. Also, now that I'm much older, buying gifts for my family is another thing I really love to do. I finally get to give back after always being the one to receive. 

Now.... I tag Marissa Leal @ !

Nobody Likes You When You're 23

Yesterday was Justin's 23rd birthday, so in celebration we invited over our good friend Xander for some drinks over at the local pub! I managed to grab some badass group pictures of the two of them together if you ask me.....

After the pub we migrated over to the house for some sangria and delish choco-fudge cake courtesy of my nearby Winco. We also had a new friend Mary come over to embarrass Justin as we sung happy birthday to him. Wish I had pictures of that but all I managed to get was a picture of her elbow and Xanders stomach. I blame the sangria.

Anyway... Happy Birthday Justin! I hope you had fun. :)


How to Come Home From Work

mens vneck sweater/us polo assn
shoes/dupe 1, dupe 2

Lately, I've been working full shifts at my work and I've been SO exhausted to do anything. Unfortunately because of that, I haven't been blogging as much. Once I get home from work I take my pants off , slip into sweat pants and lay down on the couch with my cat while I catch up on some other lifestyle bloggers. Nothing makes me feel warm and cozy like a good book/blog, a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee. Those are definitely my go-to items when I want to forget about going to work  again the next day (hahhhhh...). My boyfriends been working pretty much the opposite shift as I do so it's really hard to spend time with him. :(

As for working... my feet have been KILLING using my old black vans from years back. I refuse to walk for a good hour or two once I come home from work. I have taken the step and bought some insoles to hopefully ease the pain a bit and maybe make me less of a grouch during the day too.

How do you come home from work?


What Anxiety is to Me

Anxiety is the constant need to pick at bloody finger tips and chewed nails
It's the half empty box of triptan medication to (hopefully) ease the headache you get from worrying about nothing
It's the need to over tweeze the hairs on my head, on my arms, just to stop thinking
Anxiety is the sweat that never leaves the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet
It is the shouts that come out of me when I can't control the situation
It is checking something 8 times even though I already know what I'm going to see
Anxiety is the scabs on my lips from biting
and the scars on the inside of my cheeks from tearing
It is bursting out in tears before bed for no particular reason and everything all at once
It is the friendships and relationships I've lost or broken because I'm just never worth it
or maybe it scares me, or maybe it's something else???

Anxiety comes when anxiety is already here and then comes again and again until you realized you have ruined 3 hours of your life afraid and nervous about what exactly? Everything maybe or nothing at all. It is the constant worry that maybe you didn't brush your teeth correctly or maybe even something bigger like not being happy about where you are in your career. It will make you mentally break when you hear that one note from a song on the radio that for some unknown reason makes you panic. No matter what the situation, anxiety is always here and it will tear your confidence up until you are too afraid too leave your room or much worse... yourself.


Moody Grey



Rainy Days

Jacket/ Topshop
Sheer Vneck/ Target
Necklace/ ArstyJor
Jeans/ American Eagle
Shoes/ Vans

With the fall season coming up, I give you really basic poses featuring my favorite go-to outfit! I usually don't wear sneakers but lately I've been really feeling them especially for walking and such (I usually try to tuck in the laces, not a fan). Who would've thought they'd be good for that? Jokes.... jokes. I don't always wear the same shirt or pants but its really simple to switch those pieces out and still achieve a similar look. I also had to run right after these pictures were taken due rain splashing everywhere. Yay!


Fall Must-Haves

Black Sunglasses/ SheInside
Striped Top/ SheInside, Other Option
Shimmer Top/ Topshop, Other Option 1, 2
Faux Fur Clutch/ Topshop, Dupe 1
Loose Grey T-Shirt/ NastyGal
Faux Fur Coat/ Asos, Dupe 1
Black Suit Pants/ Asos
Yellow Sunglasses/ SheInside
Loafers/ Dupe 1

I am all about that expensive tailored look mixed with a touch of casual. Just because it looks expensive, doesn't mean it has to be. I want this section to be more of an inspiration or guideline for myself or my viewers when we actually go shopping for similar items. My blog for the most part is intended to be more on the affordable side with an occasional (aka very rare) splurge item, so don't think you can't get these pieces! I just wanted a way to show everyone what I am into at the moment. Let me know what you think!

That Girl

Shoes/Nine West

I met Andrea a few years ago at a local music festival in town and instantly clicked. She has such a passion for art and her style is so unique and laid back (although she won't admit it). I feel like because of these reasons, we get along really well. She is by far one of the sweetest people I have met and has a endless interest in creating art and all things DIY. Regardless of the materials she uses, she is bound to make a pretty sweet piece of art. 

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