Happy Birthday Justin!

Justin and I have been staying with my brother up in northern california for about a week now and it's been lovely! I'm using this time as a way to bond more with my brother and spend a little more time with Justin. Enough about me though, today is a very special day! Today is Justins 22nd birthday and for this occasion, we decided to take a little stroll through the trails. It was so incredibly beautiful and I wouldnt have wanted to spend the day any other way. 

We first stopped by the lake which was only a mile or two away from the apartment and just relaxed. It was chilly and quiet so we used that to our advantaged and just admired the beauty of the place.

Before we headed out, we decided to do a little more exploring and found ourselves amongst a bunch of beautiful all trees.~

Happy Birthday Justin! :) I hope you had a good time. (Don't hate me for the last picture. <3)


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