Hair Growth Process

I've decided to show you guys my growth process with my hair care system and vitamin intake! I figured I should do this every two or three months to see how fast my hair grows doing this regimen. I've been pretty stoked with how fast its growing! I can definitely tell its growing in patches though. I noticed that where I part my hair doesn't grow as fast at the rest (I'm not quite sure why) but the rest seems to be growing quite speedily.

The first picture was taken october 8th.

This last picture was taken today, Dec 10th. So its been about two months.

My hair has grown 1.3-1.5 inches in length but the top layer seems to have only grown about and half an inch to an inch.

Sorry for the super depressing pictures! I decided to post this super early in the morning, but thats usually when I'm the most productive so, ;P.


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