Blood and Guts

I may have a current obsession with the show Dexter. I recall watching it a couple years ago but only was able to finish the second season and life happened and I never managed to continue watching. During this trip, a conversation happened (of which I currently do not even recall anymore) that reminded me of the show again and now that it is over, I figured now would be a great time to rewatch the whole thing! I finished the second season again and I'm hooked all over. I can't say I enjoy the second season and much as the first, but I'm not one to spoil anything. I can't wait to keep watching!


Hair Growth Process

I've decided to show you guys my growth process with my hair care system and vitamin intake! I figured I should do this every two or three months to see how fast my hair grows doing this regimen. I've been pretty stoked with how fast its growing! I can definitely tell its growing in patches though. I noticed that where I part my hair doesn't grow as fast at the rest (I'm not quite sure why) but the rest seems to be growing quite speedily.

The first picture was taken october 8th.

This last picture was taken today, Dec 10th. So its been about two months.

My hair has grown 1.3-1.5 inches in length but the top layer seems to have only grown about and half an inch to an inch.

Sorry for the super depressing pictures! I decided to post this super early in the morning, but thats usually when I'm the most productive so, ;P.


Happy Birthday Justin!

Justin and I have been staying with my brother up in northern california for about a week now and it's been lovely! I'm using this time as a way to bond more with my brother and spend a little more time with Justin. Enough about me though, today is a very special day! Today is Justins 22nd birthday and for this occasion, we decided to take a little stroll through the trails. It was so incredibly beautiful and I wouldnt have wanted to spend the day any other way. 

We first stopped by the lake which was only a mile or two away from the apartment and just relaxed. It was chilly and quiet so we used that to our advantaged and just admired the beauty of the place.

Before we headed out, we decided to do a little more exploring and found ourselves amongst a bunch of beautiful all trees.~

Happy Birthday Justin! :) I hope you had a good time. (Don't hate me for the last picture. <3)

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