Just a Little Update!

I wanted to update you guys on the little things I've been doing with my life lately! Since this is my favorite and by far most inspiring time of the year, I've been trying to do as many different things as possible. I've been overcome with an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for my life and all the things in it and I am so incredibly blessed to be here today. 

Lately, Justin and I have been trying to getting a little exercise here and there so we decided to start the Insanity program. Unfortunately those videos are by far the hardest things I've ever done in my life, we just decided on walking the town. We usually try to walk over 4 miles and I have been enjoying every minute (well, maybe just the weather). Also, the last picture I took with my dirty blonde hair! It was sort of an au revoir hair mistake, hello hair conditioning moment. 

I also want to give my kitty Pixel a little shout out because I've been super snuggly with him lately due to the little chill. I'm pretty sure he's become quite an attention seeker because of it though (currently he is meowing on my lap), sigh. I still love the guy!

BAM! I dyed my hair brown. I didn't really want my hair to look damaged even though it very much is. The dark hair allows for my natural hair to grow in with the damaged hair so all I have to focus on is taking good care of it. It's such a change! Every time I look in the mirror I get taken aback. It's so strange because this is my natural hair color, so I'm not quite sure it looks so strange on me.

So funny story about this bag. It was actually my sisters in high school about 8-10 years ago and she had no use for it anymore so about 3 years ago I came across it in her closet and I asked to keep it. When I got the bag, it was already in terrible condition. The inside lining was starting to rip off and the bag was started to rub away in the back. Over the 3 years I had the bag, it just got more and more ripped and dirty and it just looked like a mess. I love this bag, so there was no way I was going to let it die. I handstiched the inside lining back in the bag and patched the huge whole in the back of the bag with a patch of denim and lace. I'm afraid to wash it in the washer, so I'll probably test out an easy way to hand wash it! I'm hoping to add some band patches and cute stitch work onto it in the future! :)

I've also been doing A LOT of reading these past few months. I'm thinking about writing a whole blog post on the books I've been reading and including little reviews and such. Hope you guys will enjoy that!

I probably won't be posting about my thanksgiving until a couple days after, so I hope everyone has an awesome and safe thanksgiving!

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