A Little Bit of Fashion Inspiration

I have always had a pinterest but I am now barely getting obsessed with it. It is the source of inspiration for me and I can spend hours just scrolling down the page. I figured I would use my inspiration in the form of a blog post to talk a little bit about some newish trends I've been seeing!

OXFORDS! I have always seen them on my fellow "hipster" friends but I am slowly seeing them worn on just about nearly everyone now! Since it is nearing the colder season, a combination oxford bootie would be the perfect staple! You can pair it up with a cute dress or with a nice pair of skinnies and bam! You are both warm and stylish. 

I am absolutely in love with this skirt. It can flatter just about anyones body shape and it also a modest length. Pair it with a nice sweater tucked in and you can adapt this spring and summer skirt into a fall outfit! To further accentuate your waist, you can add a belt at the waist and create a new feel!

Vintage is definitely in right now, wether it is vintage inspired or thrifted from your local thrift store, the style has made a come back. Printed coats are just the cutest things to add to your fall/winter wardrobe. It can add a little pizzazz to a bland winter outfit and most importantly keeps you warm in the cold! Definitely putting this on my wish list….

Dainty dresses are extremely layerable. You can wear them by themselves or add a cardigan to keep the  girly vibe or pair it with a leather jacket to toughen it up a little. If it ever gets too cold, just put some quilted tights on and bam! I am noticing more girls whip these suckers out and I am loving it. I have never been much of a dress wearer until now (in fact I never even really wore dresses) and I just changed my mind after seeing a couple people dress them up. Can't promise I won't pick up more though! 

I've also been obsessing over Peter Pan collared anything really. Especially on dresses! Also putting them on my wish list. ;D

I haven't seen very many people wearing these nor have I really seen them advertised anywhere but I am in LOVE with the style of these flats! They are the perfect style of flat and they can literally be worn with anything. These are unfortunately, out of my price range at the moment, but these are definitely something I am going to spoil myself with in the future. They come in all sorts of colors and styles so everyone should check them out. Link is right here, or click the link listed below.


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