Pink Roses

If all you are looking for a little story time, I have something silly in store for you!~

I remember being around  6 or 7 living in the same house as I do now and seeing very minimal flowers planted in our front yard (our back yard as well, now that I think of it) and thinking it always looked kind of creepy since the house itself was pretty quiet as well. Not to mention there was this HUGE tree planted right in front of our house covering the majority of the house and dropping nasty poops and dead leaves all over the yard. Kids at school would call it the "witch house" but I had no idea why because first off, I lived there and I knew for a fact it was not a witch house, and secondly because it was just a tree and couldn't understand how that automatically made my house the witch house. How does that determine anything! So, as I continued grow up I began to notice this rose bush flourish in front of our side gate. As a kid, I never really acknowledged the full beauty of it, but I was secretly hoping that kids would see it and notice that my house wasn't so bad after all but unfortunately it didn't help. At all. One day I brought over a new friend from school and I decided to show her the bush and immediately she just began to cut all of the roses off and I got so mad that I told her to go home (it was the worst thing I could think of at the time). The following months I had forgotten about the bush since it no longer had any roses and it was getting quite chilly and it wasn't till the summer after that that I realized the rose bush wasn't even there any more. It affected me for a whole day and I continued to live on unfazed really until I walked outside today and noticed that right outside the door there was an even more beautiful pink rose bush growing.

Now, comparing the house today and the house 10 years ago, you probably wouldn't have recognized it. We knocked that huge sucker of a tree down and planted dozens upon dozens of flowers both in the front and back yard. At first, I kind of thought it looked tacky. Who plants that many flowers everywhere? But again, as I grew older, the appreciation for its beauty grew on me.

I actually love the flowers now and am proud to show them off (well... when they're maintained at least).

Funny side story, whenever I go into my back yard, Pixel gets really excited and wants to show me everything because to him, it's like showing me his own little outdoors home! ^_^ Such a sweetie.


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