My Current Obsessions and Other Small Things! *Super Long List*

With Fall comes new little obsessions! Tis the season to pull out your arts and crafts and drink your delicious warm concoctions. I figured I might as well share all my little random somethings with you guys to maybe inspire you as well. :)

 I recently discovered this point system at Starbucks, or rather I knew about it but I finally jumped up on it. I've always been a fan of Starbucks coffee and its so darn close to my house, so it inspires me to get off my butt and leave the house!

I also bought this set of cute earrings at H&M for only 5 dollars! I've been wearing them non stop. The only problem I've had with these (I'm actually not sure if its ME or the earrings, since I haven't worn any in years) is that when I first started using these, my ears grew SO sore, but as I continued to use these over time, the pain went away and they felt fine.

Also, being at my brothers house I noticed his large collection of tea stashed in his cabinets. Since he doesnt even drink tea, I swooped up on it and became obsessed. Although I'm not too fond of black teas - green teas and white teas are DELICIOUS when combined with honey. 

Greek Yogurt covered raisins. What more do I have to say? I eat these all the time!

My walls are so extremely boring so I decided to DIY some low budget frames. I went to target the other day to pick up a stack of 4 5x7 frames that were on sale for 4$ and got some prints made and went crazy! I already had quite a bit of acrylic paints so I chose the brightest of them all and made these cute frames. Theyre not perfect, but I love them and they add some fun into my room.

I had bought all these Sailor Moon movies on VHS as a child but we don't even have a VHS player anymore so I figured now is a good time to convert these to DVD! Yay! Now I can watch these whenever I want. :) This show use to be my LIFE as a kid and I'm so extremely happy to have these in dvd form again. 

So, I noticed there was this movie Divergent coming out soon and that everyone was talking about it and reading the books so I joined the bandwagon and got myself a copy. Although I have a book I'm currently already reading, I'm excited to start reading this.

And last but not least, let's talk about HAIR! Throughout the years I have done every possibly thing you could do to hair and its pretty much tired of me. It is so incredibly damaged and needs therapy ASAP. I have tried several different oils and conditioners but I have found that they made my hair feel gross and caked with product or even MORE dry! I have been reading online and hearing great things about coconut oil for both hair and skin and of course my mom conveniently had jar of exactly that for those specific reasons. I've always been really stubborn about believing my mom on things like this, but I guess maybe I should finally start listening.. (haha). Coconut oil has been SAVING my hair. It makes my hair feel sooo healthy! You do have to be careful with the amount of oil you do put on because it is EXTREMELY hydrating so you can easily put too much on and have your hair feel and look greasy.

And that is all for today! ^~^ Thanks to whomever stayed long enough to read all of this!


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