How I Went From Damaged Hair to Healthy Hair

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As a teenager, I went through all sorts of crazy. I dyed my hair every color I could have possibly thought of at that moment and went for it, and up until my most recent dye job, it has remained pretty healthy. In fact, I thought my hair was invincible. 

(in order)

I had given my hair a break (or rather myself a break) of having to dye my hair over and over to maintain the color about a year ago and died it brown as you can see in the bottom left picture. It was pretty much the healthiest I've had my hair in a very long time. It was never really that bad, but at that point it was something I admired the most about myself, but as usual, I grew bored of it and decided to attempt at going white in order to dye it even MORE fun colors (pink, blue, green). I stupidly enough bleached my entire head and I immediately felt the damage. The ends of my hair were like straw and I couldn't brush through my hair without it tearing off and springing back, much like the elastic thread used in underwear. Even after this first dye, my hair wasn't blonde so I AGAIN decided to bleach and again my hair became worse in condition (it didn't get much lighter either).

I immediately regretted my decision but I couldn't go back. My hair was already damaged. I still attempted to put color in it but I didn't realize how much work it was for how little it lasted. The color lasted a whole washing before about 80% of it came off immediately touching water.

It was time to do something about my super disgusting scarecrow hair. I researched EVERYTHING trying to find a solution to my hair but I figured I'd experiment on my own rather than spending LOADS of money on products recommended for me.

First things first, I went to the salon to add low lights. This made the incoming hair more blendable than the straight blonde I had before. I also took a blade to a good 5-7 inches of hair (I wasn't a lover of long hair either way). Now cutting my hair really didn't do much in cutting off the dead bits. My whole HEAD was damaged, but I just wanted as little hair as possible to be damaged while trying to regain its health again. Finally, it was already looking better but it was still in absolute horrible condition.

For the How To:

The bleach had dissolved any oils from being produced in my hair so it was in desperate need of some replacement oils ASAP. I had been using Argon oil before but it never did the job I wanted. I decided to research some of the benefits of other oils and decided on the good old COCONUT OIL. 

So now that I have that, I decided on a shower routine... My hair had NO oil, so washing it would only strip it more. I washed my hair maybe twice a week the first couple weeks. Most people start to wash their hair less and less so their head would produce LESS oils over time, but I was doing it so my head would produce at least SOME oil at all. Over time I would wash it more and more so it would produce MORE oil (so basically the opposite). Hair was bound to get oily sometime, right? 

As for the products I use IN the shower.. I use nothing special. I had these huge bottles of dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that I had from a couple weeks ago that I never used up so I figured I would now. I quickly learned that it wasn't the products you used, but rather how you used them that made them more effective. When I shampooed, I made sure to not wash until my head was squeaky clean and when I conditioned, I massaged it through my whole head but only left in it for a short time since leaving conditioner in for too long can actually soften the hair and make it limp and even more breakable. Take note that NO HOT WATER touched my hair at all through this whole process. I used all cold water in doing this and my hair immediately thanked me. 

Once I get out of the shower I lightly squeeze the majority of water out of my hair and let it dry for a bit without using any heat. Once it is slightly damp I spray the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheart Leave-In Conditioner (I know... the name is long, haha) all over my head and use a wide tooth comb to brush it. Without this step, my hair would be tangled and frazzled everywhere. It allows me to smoothly comb my hair out without the fear of breakage. NEVER use a brush to brush your hair out when its wet. ALWAYS use a wide toothed comb. A brush breaks through tangles and creates massive split ends.

Once my hair is almost dry, I dot a bit of coconut oil on my pointer finger and massage it into the ends of my hair and make my way up. Note that coconut oil is very thick and can easily become very heavy and oily on your hair. Work VERY small and make your way up until it feels nice and hydrated for you. Throughout the day, if I ever feel my hair getting dry I apply some argon oil since it is lighter than the coconut oil and won't weigh my hair down as much. 

I kept this routine up for a little over two months and my hair has made a DRASTIC difference.

Minimal to no heat used since I started the regime!

My hair actually shines now and feels much healthier! I hope this helps you lovelies.


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