To the Bay!

Since I have a terrible habit of blogging about things days after they happen, I kind of figured why stop now? (haha...) I had planned for awhile to visit my brother in his new apartment up in northern California for the past couple weeks. He had just moved from San Francisco to this spacious apartment just 40 minutes east of his old place and it is beautiful! Having visited him before while he lived in the city, I was just overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to remember just to not get fined (parking is a real pooper). That and we just aren't city people so we were like, "Let's get the heck out of here." 

So here I am today! I put my big girl pants on today and drove for the first time to another city! I was definitely nervous, but I had my super encouraging boyfriend with me to calm me down and help me get there!

When we arrived to the city, my brother was still in work so we decided to kill some time and EAT EAT EAT! We were both starving and found the nearest Five Guys and munched! It was so beautiful to see everything turn from desert to beautiful green forestry! That and it was a whopping 20 degrees cooler here.

Once my brother finally arrives (4 hours later might I add ;P ) we all settle in and unpack since we are going to stay there for quite awhile. We met up with the neighbors Samantha and Randall and had a pig out with pizza and that concluded the first night! I'm pretty stoked being here and I want to visit SF soon enough!

The view from the balcony with Justin!


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