Chop Chop!

A couple of days ago I decided I was done having long hair! There was a time in my life where all I wanted was to grow my hair as long as I could but I noticed myself trimming whenever I had the chance, so I realized I might as well just cut it off. I simply wasn't a long hair kind of girl. I've had short hair for my entire life other then the 4 years I attended high school so I figured I might as well stick to my roots, right?

I cut it shoulder length and dyed it a red-brown (even though I probably could have done another inch and a more vivid red) and I immediately fell in love! It was like a weight off my shoulders had been lifted, literally! I can move my head much more freely and I can do cute hairstyles as well!

And from the back. I added a cute bow cause why not?

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