Beasty Barbecue

My extremely lucky sister was able to get a job with amazon a couple days ago which means she has to move to Seattle asap! My family and I decided the best time to visit her would probably be now (aka two days ago), since she is leaving the 9th and we probably won't be able to see her for quite some time until she settled down. So, with that, our family friend Tim flew up to see us and take us on his plane for a quick journey up to the bay area. With that we all brought our necessities and took off to go see them!

Some cute pictures of my mother and I preparing for the flight! And a pretty sky picture.

My dad is also a pilot himself, so I take it they both enjoyed flying together quite a bit...

Once we got to my siblings apartment, we all decided to have a huge barbecue in the center field area of their apartment and they all brought a couple friends to help us feast (there was a whole lot of food, my gosh). 

^ My sister there to the left. (I don't have any good pictures unfortunately of us together ),: )

After that we all said our goodbye and wished my sister luck on her journey! I hope to see her soon again. :)


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