Cute Creations and Smelly Things

Since it is coming soon to my birthday, my mom has been pampering me with a couple small things here and there as gifts for my big day. We went to the fabric store a couple days ago and chose out a couple different matching fabrics consisting mainly of pale greens, blues, hot pinks and reds to make into curtains and pillow cases. I've been extremely into creating all sorts of things with my hands since I was a child and sewing was definitely one of my favorites (it must have been passed down from my mother and her grandmother).
 I ended up choosing this simple, pale white/slightly green fabric with pink, yellow and green dots as my curtains, mainly because I felt anything with too much pattern may be overbearing for my room, but also because the fabric itself was very thick and took out just enough light and heat out of my room for the summer!

For my pillow cases I ended up choosing a rose patterned fabric with a pale blue background to be more of my crazy staple pieces for the smaller two pillows and a solid hot pink fabric to tone it all down for the bigger pillow.

I really liked how they ended up looking, but I really like going all out so I'm definitely going to come back and put ribbons and ruffles all over them later! ^~^

Here's my little Pixel sleeping on all the fabric as I was hand sewing it all! He was being way too cute too move.

My mom also came back from work one day and surprised me with a big boxed set of decorative candles! I was born without being able to smell, so with that came the need to always have something smell good around me or on me! (That and candles are just so darn pretty!) Candles have been a huge thing I have been collecting over the years and was pleasantly surprised with this gift she gave me!

For anyone wondering, they are the Aromatique boxed candle set! It has scents in Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Clean Cotton and the Islands. I haven't had too many opinions on what smells the best, so I figured I burn the one that tastes the yummiest first!

And for a quick ootd for today!

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Unknown
Bag: Fossil

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